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Orange Polska turns off the 3G network. What should I do?

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Orange reminds you that this year it will start to phase out the 3G network. We have just announced that in the second quarter of 2024 we will turn off 3G in the vicinity of Słupsk and Koszalin. Customers were advised to check if their phone is ready for this change.

At the end of March, Orange announced that this year it will start turning off the 3G network in Poland. “We have been saying for a long time that this year we will start switching off the 3G network. We have just announced that in the second quarter of 2024 we will switch off 3G in the vicinity of Słupsk and Koszalin. These regions will join Piła and Sieradz – there the 3G network will be switched off first, already in September this year.”

The operator explains that turning off the 3G network is necessary because there is a lack of capacity in the network. “The number of users and devices that use the mobile network is increasing year by year. Thus, the network traffic is also increasing” – indicated in the communiqué published in March.

The operator indicated that “the network operates on specific radio frequencies and bandwidths. The higher the network generation, the more data we are able to send using the same bandwidth”. Orange said that its 3G network currently operates only on one frequency – 900 MHz. In turn, the 4G LTE technology uses 4 frequency bands of radio waves: 800, 1800, 2100 and 2600 MHz.

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Switching off the 3G network in Orange from the second half of September

The process of phasing out the 3G network from Orange in Poland will begin in the second half of September. In the first place, it will cover the following poviats: Wieruszów, Wieluń, Pajęczański and Złotów, and partly Piła and Wałecki. Then, in October, 3G will be switched off in the remaining area of ​​the Piła and Wałecki poviats and in the following poviats: Sieradzki, Zduńska Wola, Łask, Poddębice, Czarnków-Trzcianecki, Chodzież, Obornicki and Wągrowiecki.

The next stage of work is scheduled for 2024. The operator plans that the phasing out of 3G throughout the country will last until the end of 2025.

Disable 3G network. What does the customer need to know and check?

Disabling the 3G network means that some older phone models may have problems. In order to be able to continue using the network after turning off 3G (using the Internet, making voice calls, sending messages), the phone and the SIM card must use 4G/LTE and support calls in VoLTE technology.

Orange customers can easily check whether their SIM card and phone use 4G and enable voice calls via the mobile Internet (VoLTE). All they have to do is send a free SMS saying CARD to 80233.

How to check if the phone and SIM card meet the 4G standards? In Orange you need to send an SMSTVN24 Business

“The service is available to individual customers as well as small and medium-sized enterprises – using post-paid and prepaid offers. This also applies to nju mobile users” – indicates the operator and explains that corporate customers can also check their SIM cards via SMS, and replace them if necessary should contact their supervisor.

If it turns out that the SIM card needs to be replaced, it can be replaced free of charge at any Orange Polska store. If the problem is with the phone, the operator states that depending on the model, there may be a buy-back option, which means a discount on the purchase of a new phone.

Disabling 3G in T-Mobile

T-Mobile Polska has already completely switched off the 3G network in the country. The operator has been informing about this happening since 2021. It was possible to replace the SIM card for free, but still not everyone decided to do it and problems arose in their case.

“We have been informing our customers about the gradual phasing out of the 3G standard since 2021. Despite extensive and numerous campaigns encouraging free replacement of SIM cards, we still receive reports from customers who use old SIM cards or phones that do not allow the use of LTE / 5G and VoLTE,” the press office informed us in the first half of May, when there were problems with accessing the network and making voice calls.

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The 3G network is not disappearing everywhere

Not all networks have decided to turn off the 3G network in Poland. Plus informed us in March this year that “currently it is not planning to turn off 3G”. The decision on the future of 3G has not yet been made in the Play network.

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