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Orkan Otto in Podlasie. Power failures, firefighters interventions. A tree fell on a moving car

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About 7.7 thousand customers in Podlasie – on Saturday at 2 pm – were without electricity due to failures caused by strong winds. Although the apogee of Cyclone Ulf has already passed, the situation is still difficult, and in parts of the country – including the Podlaskie Voivodeship – warnings against strong winds are still in effect. Between Nowosady and Skupowa, a passenger of a car on which a tree fell was injured.

Cyclone Ulf, also known as Otto, made the firemen leave the last 24 hours almost four thousand times for interventions. Although the most difficult situation is in Pomerania, residents of other provinces also face difficulties caused by strong winds.

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The storm caused failures. Some inhabitants of Podlasie without electricity

In Podlasie, according to PGE Dystrybucja data, as of 2 p.m. on Saturday, 7,700 consumers were still without power due to failures caused by the storm. That’s less than a few hours ago. Around 13,000 customers in this province had no electricity before noon.

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As power engineers informed before noon, most reports of power outages come from the vicinity of Bielsk Podlaski and Łomża. In Bielsk Podlaski, around 2 p.m., there were still almost four thousand customers without electricity. Work is underway to repair the outage and restore electricity to the apartments.

Police: A tree fell on a moving car

The situation is calming down, but the element can still be a deadly threat. The dangerous event took place on Saturday before 9 am near the town of Nowosady in the Hajnówka commune. A tree fell on a moving car.

Near the village of Nowosady near Hajnówka, a tree fell on a passenger carKW PSP in Bialystok

According to Marcin Gawryluk from the Podlasie police, the accident happened on the road from Nowosad to Skupów (provincial road No. 687). A tree fell on the roof of a passing Audi before a railway crossing. The passenger, who complained of a headache, was taken to the hospital.

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Hurricane Otto. Interventions of firefighters in Podlasie

From the morning to the morning hours on Saturday, firefighters recorded over 60 reports related to strong wind in Podlasie. This is mainly information about fallen trees or branches.

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Firefighters have traveled most often in the Białystok (10 interventions), Hajnowski and Wysokie Mazowieckie (seven interventions) poviats.

Safety rules during a gale RCB

It’s still dangerous

Firefighters continue to call for caution. IMGW alert of the first degreewarning against strong winds, is to be in effect on Saturday until 18.00.

– The apogee of the storm is already behind us, the wind is slowly weakening, but it is still strong, it is supposed to blow today with gusts up to 85 kilometers per hour – TVN24 reporter Adrian Zaborowski reported.

Forecasted gusts of wind for the next few daysVentusky.com

Main photo source: KW PSP in Bialystok

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