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Orlen. When will we meet the new president? Borys Budka responds

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Competition proceedings for the president of Orlen are underway. As we promised, all State Treasury companies, the key ones, will be subject to such proceedings, said Borys Budka, Minister of State Assets, on TVN24 on Thursday. As he recalled, over two hundred candidates applied for the position of head of the fuel giant.

Borys Budka, Minister of State Assets, was asked in “Kropka nad i” about when we will meet the new president of Orlen.

– The competition procedure is ongoing. As we promised, all State Treasury companies, the key ones, will be covered by such proceedings. Orlen's Management Board consists of several people who were delegated by the Supervisory Board and functions normally, while the Supervisory Board is (only) finishing the proceedings because over 200 people have applied, explained the Minister of State Assets. He added that “the choice will be made after listening to everyone” and it is important that one of the most important Polish companies has a professional management board.

When asked when we will meet the new president of Orlen, the minister replied: – I think next week. I have not yet talked to the chairman of the (supervisory) board, Professor (Wojciech) PopioĊ‚ek, whether they will make this decision, but everything indicates that they should be ready.

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“So far, I have not had any objections from the Prime Minister”

When asked whether the decision to choose the new president of Orlen would be consulted with the Prime Minister, the head of MAP replied that “Prime Minister Donald Tusk does not interfere in personnel matters of State Treasury companies.”

– But of course, when it comes to issues such as representatives on the supervisory board, I always inform who the State Treasury appoints. It is important that these people are competent and appropriate, and so far I have not had any objections from the Prime Minister, said Borys Budka.

– The Prime Minister will certainly learn, just like each of us, about the supervisory board's decision in due time. However, I can assure you that if the supervisory board wants to present this short list, the Prime Minister will of course also be informed about it, because it is obvious in the case of strategic State Treasury companies, said the Minister of State Assets.

Changes in Orlen

At the beginning of March, Orlen announced that in the qualification procedure for the election of 9 members of the Orlen Management Board, 260 applications were received from candidates. As it was reported then, in the week following March 18, the supervisory board intended to elect members of Orlen's management board. It was later reported that the process of selecting new members of the company's management board may be “slightly” longer.

In mid-February, Orlen's supervisory board announced qualification procedures for the positions of president, two vice-presidents and six members of the management board.

On February 6, Witold Literacki, appointed by the Minister of State Assets to the Orlen management board, was appointed by the supervisory board as the company's acting president.

The Orlen Group is a joint-stock company, a multi-energy concern in which the State Treasury holds 49.9 percent. shares. It has, among others, refineries in Poland, the Czech Republic and Lithuania, and also extracts hydrocarbons and produces electricity. It is developing the renewable energy segment and plans to develop nuclear energy.

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