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Oscars 2023. John Travolta was moved to remember Olivia Newton-John, Kristie Alley and other deceased actors

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During the 95th Academy Awards, it was John Travolta who remembered the representatives of the world of cinema who died last year. It was obvious that the actor was accompanied by great emotions. In recent months, the 69-year-old has lost two close friends: Olivia Newton-John and Kristie Alley.

John Travolta remembered dead colleagues from the industry in the “In Memoriam” part of this year’s gala the Oscars. Each of them left an indelible mark. They touched our hearts, made us smile, and became dear friends to whom we will always be devoted. As you can see in the recordings circulating on the network, at one point Travolta was close to tears.

The American star lost two close friends last year. Olivia Newton-John who died in August after a long battle with cancer, is associated primarily in the famous musical “Grease”, in which Travolta played the role of her lover. She also performed alongside the 69-year-old in the past Kristie Alley passed away in December.

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Oscars 2023. Part of “In Memoriam”

The names and photos of the filmmakers who passed away in 2022 were projected onto the screen as Lenny Kravitz sang “Calling All Angels” on stage. In addition to Alley and Newton-John, mention was made of, among others, Angela Lansbury, Ray Liotta, Jean-Luc Godard, Irene Cara, Raquel Welch, Nichelle Nichols, Burt Bacharach and Vangelis. In total, over 200 names appeared on the screen.

Deadline magazine notes that several celebrities who died in recent months were missing from the list. The portal, as well as Internet users, indicate, among others, on Charlbi Dean, who starred in the Oscar-nominated film “In a Threesome”, Anne Heche, who died tragically in August last yearPaul Sorvino or Tom Sizemore, who passed away less than two weeks before the Oscars.

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