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Oscars 2023. The film “Navalny” with an Oscar nomination. Broadcast on Sunday on TVN24

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This year’s Oscar-nominated film “Nawalny” by Daniel Roher, viewers of TVN24 will be able to see today at 12.50. The director of the documentary accompanied Vladimir Putin’s most serious political enemy, his family and a team of associates from his departure from a German hospital until his arrest in Russia. The producer of the picture is Warner Bros. discovery.

Daniel Roher shows both Alexei Navalny and his immediate surroundings, which participate in telling the story of the oppositionist. The film has already won many awards – was among others big win at the Sundance Festival – and on Monday morning, Polish time, he may win the most important award in the film industry – Oscarthe Academy Award. The documentary film will be broadcast on TVN24 today, Sunday, March 12, at 12.50.

See the list of this year’s Oscar nominations.

Navalny in Germany

The creators accompanied Navalny to his hideout in the German Black Forest, where in the second half of 2020 he was recovering from treatment in a Berlin clinic after an attempt to poison him with Novichok.

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The director, in addition to conversations with an oppositionist, uses archival statements and social media posts. We see how Alexei Navalny calls the bombers and asks them “what went wrong”. To get the contacts necessary to find out the answers, he uses the resources of the dark web.

Most of his interlocutors hang up, but one unexpectedly decides to answer questions. A phone call lasts approximately 50 minutes.

Still from the film “Navalny”. An oppositionist on a plane to RussiaPress materials

“Kremlin’s greatest enemy”

In the film, the story of one of the Kremlin’s greatest enemies is also told by his wife Julia, called by the creators “steel Julia” due to her calmness, 21-year-old daughter Daria, a student at the University of California, Hristo Grozjew – Bulgarian investigative journalist, expert in the field of media and media investor and Navalny’s collaborator at the Marija Pievczich Foundation for Combating Corruption.

Documentary film “Navalny” – photos from the setPromotional materials

As critics emphasize, the film proves how much the Kremlin is afraid of Navalny. Although it ends with the oppositionist being arrested and sent to a penal colony in the Vladimir region, “it gives hope for a brighter future” RussiaThis is due to the steadfast attitude of the film’s hero, the self-confidence that accompanies his actions.

Flight to Russia

Navalny is serving time in Russia a sentence of nine years in a penal colony of stricter discipline. He was convicted of alleged “embezzlement” and contempt of court. It is clear to the Western world that the evidence was fabricated by Putin’s corrupt government. In prison, Navalny is harassed and harassed. He went on a hunger strike.

Alexei Navalny with his wife. Still from the film “Navalny”press materials

Why, realizing the threat, in January 2021 Navalny decided to board a plane from Berlin to Moscow? Daniel Roher tries to answer the question of how it happened that the oppositionist sacrificed marriage, freedom, risked his health and life in the fight for his values ​​and his own vision of Russia.

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