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OSCE. Protest during the speech of the Russian delegation at the OSCE. Some of the deputies left the meeting room

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Many OSCE deputies voiced their opposition during the speeches of the Russian delegation at the winter session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe in Vienna. Some parliamentarians, including politicians from Poland, left the meeting room, others held Ukrainian flags.

The Russian delegation spoke twice, each time some of the parliamentarians ostentatiously left the meeting room. Some of them, who decided to stay, spread large Ukrainian flags for the time of the Russian speech. They were also distributed during the speech of the Belarusian delegation.

The flag of Ukraine in the meeting room of the OSCE Parliamentary AssemblyReuters/OSCE

“There is an obvious problem in this room”

– There is no crisis in Ukraineplease don’t use that term, is war in Ukrainewhich has been going on since 2014, stressed the parliamentarian from Latvia.

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– There is an obvious problem in this room, which is not paid attention to (elephant in the room), i.e. the Russian delegation. If someone were to ask me who a war criminal is, I would point to the people who occupy the back benches in this room – said the Latvian.

“It is a disgrace that the Russian delegation is here, especially since it consists of people who are on the sanctions list and voted for the annexation of the territory of an independent state,” added the Latvian parliamentarian, speaking in front of the Ukrainian flag.

Some deputies left the hall during the speech of the Russian delegation Reuters/OSCE

Rosati: the possibility of financing the Russian war machine must be limited

During a debate in the General Committee on Political and Security Affairs OSCE many delegations, including parliamentarians from Poland, Great Britain, FranceCanada and the United States.

– We should continue to provide the brave Ukrainians with weapons so that they can defend their country, and extend sanctions against Russia to limit the possibility of financing its war machine – said member of the Polish delegation Dariusz Rosati.

Many smaller and larger Ukrainian flags were brought into the meeting room. One of them stands next to the Polish flag in the place occupied by the Polish delegation. Some delegations ended their speeches with the cry “Glory to Ukraine”.

First anniversary of Russian aggression

The winter session of the OSCE PA takes place one year after Russia invaded Ukraine. This anniversary will be the subject of the Assembly’s deliberations, which will be attended by representatives of Russia.

The Russian delegation includes 15 parliamentarians sanctioned by the European Union, including Pyotr Tolstoy, deputy speaker of the Duma, the lower house of the Russian parliament.

Main photo source: Reuters/OSCE

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