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Osjaków, province Lodz. 55-year-old man attacked by hornets. His son was driving him to the hospital, the car was escorted by the police

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A 55-year-old man who was attacked by hornets came to the police station in Osjaków (Łódź Voivodeship) with his son. – The man was breathing heavily and had visible stings and swelling – says staff assistant Katarzyna Grela from the Wieluń district headquarters. The police escorted the car with the victim to the hospital.

The son with his father attacked by hornets appeared at the police station on Friday around 6 pm. – According to the 55-year-old’s account, insects attacked him when he was doing field work. Traces of stings were visible on his neck and head, reports Asp. staff. grela.

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The policemen offered the victim and his son that they would escort their car to the hospital in Wieluń. – The policemen turned on the lights and sounds in the police car. They knew that in such situations every second counts – adds the spokeswoman of the Wieluń command.

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Under the care of doctors

Soon after, the stung 55-year-old was under the care of doctors from Wieluń, which is located more than 20 kilometers from Osjaków.

– Let us remember that insect stings can be dangerous to our health, especially for people allergic to insect venom such as bees, wasps or hornets. In such cases, the body may react violently. In that case, you should notify the medical services as soon as possible – reminds asp. staff. grela.

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