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Oskar Szafarowicz on the financial results of PKO BP. Oskar Szafarowicz comments on a controversial entry by a young PiS activist

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Oskar Szafarowicz, an activist of Law and Justice, caused controversy with his entry on social media. Szafarowicz announced that PKO Bank Polski “probably achieved historic financial success last year (approximately PLN 7 billion in profit and record dividends for shareholders).” The problem is that the financial report for the entire last year will not be published until March. Therefore, in the opinion of economist Piotr Kuczyński, Szafarowicz’s entry may constitute illegal disclosure of sensitive data of a state-owned company. The young PiS activist responded to this accusation.

In November, PKO Bank Polski reported that the group’s net profit after three quarters of 2023 exceeded PLN 4.8 billion, which meant an increase of PLN 3.2 billion compared to the same period in 2022. The results for the entire last year are not yet known.

The annual report is scheduled to be published on March 7 this year. Therefore, Tuesday’s entry by a young Law and Justice activist, Oskar Szafarowicz, sparked controversy.

Szafarowicz, who is leaving his job at PKO Bank Polski at the end of January, posted an entry on the website for shareholders).

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Controversy surrounding Oskar Szafarowicz’s entry

As Money wrote, “the fragment regarding the bank’s 2023 result raises controversy regarding the disclosure of sensitive data of a state-owned company.” – In my opinion, such an entry should not appear before the publication of the annual report – said Piotr Kuczyński, economist and analyst at the Xelion investment house, in an interview with the portal. As he noted, such action may result in criminal liability.

Moreover, Kuczyński drew attention to the possible price-setting effects of the young activist’s publication PIS. The post appeared during a session on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Oskar Szafarowicz commented on this accusation.

“In today’s (Tuesday – editor’s) post, I greeted everyone on my way to work. At the same time, based on many articles available on the Internet, expert statements and investor relations published in the economic press, I added information that for several weeks the media have been writing about possible PLN 7 billion profit for PKO BP (an absolute record),” he wrote.

He added ironically that “Oskar Szafarowicz, a young PiS politician (today’s opposition party) is shaking up the domestic banking industry and dealing the cards on the stock exchange.”

Oskar Szafarowicz leaves PKO BP

Oskar Szafarowicz is an activist of the PiS Youth Forum, known from the “Okiem Młodych” channel on TikTok. Szafarowicz started working at PKO BP at the beginning of last year. As Wirtualna Polska reported, Szafarowicz will leave the bank at the end of January. The young PiS activist informed WP that he would finish working at the bank “at his own request and by mutual consent” on January 31, 2024.

The website indicated that the bank’s IT system showed that Szafarowicz initially worked in “the area of ​​the president of the management board, the personnel management department, the employee capital department, the employee value management office, and the planning and reporting team.” He was later to be transferred to a position with different – lower – requirements.

Oskar Szafarowicz is 23 years old and studies law at the University of Warsaw and is a PiS activist. He first became famous in August 2022, when, together with his colleagues from the PiS Youth Forum, he established the “Okiem Młodych” profile on Twitter and Tiktok.

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