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Oslo. The knife threatened passers-by. He was shot

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A man who allegedly threatened passersby with a knife in the streets of Oslo was shot by the police. He died in the hospital. The attacker had previously injured one of the officers. The services ruled out a terrorist motive. The Verdens Gang daily reported that the man was a 30-year-old who had been referred for compulsory psychiatric treatment for knife injuries and threats.

The recordings published in Norwegian media show a man with a knife in his hand and naked from the waist up. Initially, it was informed about injured passers-by, but later it was specified that a policeman was slightly injured.

– So far we do not confirm that it is related to terrorism – said at the conference senior police commander Egil Joergen Brekke, quoted by AP. He also reported that, according to the police, the man acted alone. He assured that there were no concerns for the safety of residents. “He’s a person we know, who was recorded in the past,” Brekke told reporters.


The site of the attack in the Bislett district of OsloPAP / EPA / STIAN LYSBERG SOLUM

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Police and medics at the attack site in OsloPAP / EPA / STIAN LYSBERG SOLUM

The first signals about the incident reached the police before 9 o’clock. Called to the site in the Bislett district in the northern part of Oslo, the patrol first tried to stop the man and then ran into a building next to a flower shop and cafe – describes AP.

The man managed to open the door of the police car, confirmed police spokesman Torgeir Brenden. He described that “a few shots” were fired at the man, but did not specify whether the policemen in the car had fired them. According to reports from Norwegian media that cite witnesses, six shots were heard on the scene.

Brenden said the perpetrator was taken to a nearby hospital where he died.

According to the “Verdens Gang” daily, the cutthroat was a 30-year-old Russian citizen from Chechnya. Last year, he was sentenced to compulsory psychiatric treatment for wounding a man with a knife, as well as threats to others, disturbing the peace and setting fire to the building where he lived. At that time, an examination ordered by the court showed that the man showed psychotic features and was insane at the time of committing the crimes.

The site of the attack in OsloPAP / EPA / STIAN LYSBERG SOLUM

In mid-October in Kongsberg near Oslo, 37-year-old Danish Espen Andersen Brathen, equipped with a bow, arrows and white weapons, killed five people and wounded three others. Previously, he suffered from mental disorders.

>> The causes of the attack in Kongsberg are being investigated

Following this attack, there is an ongoing debate in Norway as to whether the country’s psychiatric care system is working properly. Some experts believe that the liberal approach introduced 10 years ago is to blame, indicating that the lockdown is not good for patients.

Main photo source: PAP / EPA / STIAN LYSBERG SOLUM

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