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Ostrołęka. He entered someone else’s apartment through an open window and ripped out the safe

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The owner of one of the apartments in Ostrołęka found out how dangerous it is to leave a window open when no one is home. – After entering her apartment, the man ripped out the safe that was attached to the wall. On the same day, he was arrested by Ostrołęka criminals, the local police said.

As the press officer of the Municipal Police Headquarters in Ostrołęka, Commissioner Tomasz Żerański, informed on Friday, a report of a burglary in one of the apartments was filed by the person who was taking care of it in the absence of the owner who was abroad.

– Early in the morning, the owner of the apartment called her neighbor with information that she had received a notification on her phone that the alarm had gone off in her house – said the spokesman.

A safe was broken and a 34-year-old was arrested

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When the neighbor went to the apartment, she found the window open, the curtains pulled down and the safe torn off the wall. Nothing else was missing from the house.

After a few hours, Ostrołęka detectives arrested the suspect in this case, a 34-year-old resident of Ostrołęka. – The evidence collected in the case allowed him to be charged with attempted theft. He will soon answer for his actions in court, said Colonel Żerański.

The police appeal to people to check whether all windows and balcony doors are closed before leaving home, even during the day. – Also, if we see strange people wandering around aimlessly or suspicious cars, we should notify the police. Officers will arrive at the site and check the situation, the spokesman noted.

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