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Ostrołęka. He was supposed to hit the Ford and run away. The police arrested him after a chase

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The driver of the Volkswagen hit the rear of the Ford in front of him at high speed and drove the wrecked car away from the scene. When the police found him, he tried to escape on foot. At the time of arrest, he had over 1.5 per mille of alcohol in his body.

On Saturday evening, the duty officer of Ostrołęka police officers was informed about a collision on one of the streets of the city. The caller said that the driver of the Volkswagen, driving at high speed, hit the Ford she was driving and fled. The duty officer sent some police officers to the scene to handle the incident, and others to search for the perpetrator of the collision.

Police officers in Janów spotted a man matching the description of the perpetrator of the collision on the side of the road. “There was a car parked nearby with visible signs of damage. Seeing the police, the man tried to flee on foot into the nearby forest. After several dozen meters, he was detained – Tomasz Żerański from the Municipal Police Headquarters in Ostrołęka said in a message. The driver turned out to be a 27-year-old resident of the Łomża district.

Broken FordKMP Ostrołęka

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Police: The man was drunk

– The breathalyzer showed almost half the legal alcohol content in his system. The police arrested him, he added. The man was transported to the Ostrołęka police station and placed in police custody. His vehicle was towed to the police station.

According to the officers, the driver will soon answer for his actions in court. In addition to high criminal liability, he will also face a financial penalty that may reach up to tens of thousands of zlotys.

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The police arrested the 23-year-old driverMasovian Police

Main photo source: KMP Ostrołęka

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