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Ostrołęka. Mateusz M. suspected of fraud involving PLN 1.5 million. Appeal from the prosecutor's office

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The District Prosecutor's Office in Ostrołęka is investigating fraud for a total amount of almost PLN 1.5 million. The suspect in the case is Mateusz M., a 29-year-old resident of Łomża, who allegedly offered intermediation in the purchase and sale of agricultural equipment. However, the contracts were never finalized. M. also allegedly promised help in obtaining compensation for a road accident, citing his knowledge of the local prosecutor.

According to Elżbieta Edyta Łukasiewicz, spokeswoman for the District Prosecutor's Office in Ostrołęka, Mateusz M. operated in Ostrołęka, offering intermediation in the purchase of agricultural equipment or its sale, among others. agricultural machinery, a tractor or structural elements of a production hall.

He signed “contracts”, took advance payments and disappeared

– After establishing contact and cooperation with selected victims, he signed contracts with them, which he did not intend to fulfill. He collected significant advances towards the assumed obligations. In the period from August 2022 to March 2023, three people became victims of the scam. The suspect extorted a total of PLN 871,000 from the victims, the prosecutor calculated.

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Ewelina K. was also a victim of Mateusz M. As indicated by the prosecutor, in the spring of 2024, the man made contact with the injured party, offering to mediate in obtaining compensation for the road accident in which her husband died. – Prosecutor Dariusz from the Prosecutor's Office in Ostrołęka was supposed to help in obtaining compensation. The suspect confirmed the woman's belief that he knew the prosecutor and that he would support her actions, the spokeswoman said.

M. sent text messages from the alleged prosecutor to the injured party's phone. When he gained her trust, he deceived her, claiming that he had been arrested and that he was being investigated at the prosecutor's office. – Once again impersonating prosecutor Dariusz, he demanded money in exchange for resigning from these activities. The injured party transferred a total of PLN 554,000 to Mateusz M. between March and May 2024, Łukasiewicz said.

Allegations of fraud to the detriment of four people

Mateusz M. was charged with fraud to the detriment of four people for a total amount of almost PLN 1.5 million, making committing crimes a permanent source of income, invoking influence in a state institution and making criminal threats. – The suspect admitted to committing the acts he was accused of and provided extensive explanations, which are partially inconsistent with the evidence collected in the case. The suspect was subject to an isolating preventive measure in the form of temporary arrest for a period of three months. The suspect faces imprisonment of up to 15 years, the spokeswoman emphasized.

Investigators fear that there may be more victims of Mateusz M.'s fraud. – We appeal to the residents of Ostrołęka and the surrounding area to report injured persons to the District Prosecutor's Office in Ostrołęka or the nearest police unit in order to report a crime. This will allow Mateusz M. to be held criminally liable – the prosecutor appealed to the residents.

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