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Ostrow Wielkopolski. He had withdrawn cash, he was robbed. The 74-year-old threw himself on the hood of the car

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He left the bank with cash and was robbed. However, the 74-year-old was not going to give up easily. He threw himself on the hood of the car the perpetrators were trying to escape. In the end, the men discarded the stolen backpack, but left behind a sachet with documents and money. What they didn’t know was that most of the cash was in the backpack. The police are looking for the perpetrators and appeals to anyone who can help locate them.

The policemen explain the circumstances of the theft in Ostrów Wielkopolski. It was there that the 74-year-old paid tens of thousands of zlotys from the bank. When he left the post, he was robbed.

– He put the money in his backpack, which he put in his vehicle. As he was getting into the car, another car pulled up. Most likely three men traveled on it. They stole a backpack from the victim’s car – reports Małgorzata Michaś, spokeswoman for the police in Ostrów Wielkopolski.


He tried to stop the car driving awayELECTRO-COMP

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The entrepreneur did not give up, he threw himself at the hood of the car

The robbed entrepreneur wasn’t going to give up easily. As can be seen in the recordings from the scene, the 74-year-old threw himself on the hood of the departing car. In this way, he tried to prevent the perpetrators from escaping.

In the end, the thieves – through the car window – threw the backpack. However, they took a sachet with documents and cash in the amount of PLN 600 from it. However, they did not notice that the aforementioned tens of thousands of zlotys were in the backpack, not in the sachet.

The situation – as can be seen in the recordings – looked very dangerous. Fortunately, nothing happened to the 74-year-old.

The police check and ask for help

The police in Ostrow are now questioning the witnesses of the incident. – We have a secured video surveillance. We are looking for more recordings. We established the car’s registration numbers. Now we are doing our best to identify the perpetrators and stop them – says Michaś.

Officers appeal to people who may have valuable information in this matter to report to the command. It is not yet known how the entire events will be classified, whether only as theft or robbery.

In Ostrów Wielkopolski, scenes like from an action movie

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