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Ostrzeszów. Seniors lost their savings to fraudsters. Police call

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They trusted strangers who called them and lost tens of thousands of zlotys in savings. Police officers from Ostrzeszów (Greater Poland Voivodeship) warn against fraudsters who pretend to be bank employees and against people who offer to invest money using the image of President Andrzej Duda and the oil company.

Police officers from Ostrzeszów (Greater Poland Voivodeship) are explaining the circumstances of two scams that have recently taken place in the city. The perpetrators attacked the same day, operated under different scenarios, but in both cases targeted the seniors. Effect: loss of considerable savings.

– The first case concerned an 81-year-old who disclosed to a person claiming to be a bank employee the data enabling access to the account, and then making transfers and withdrawals from an ATM using the blik code for the amount of over PLN 30,000 – Asp. Magdalena Hańdziuk, spokeswoman for the police in Ostrzeszów. And she added: – Another case is the case of the 79-year-old who trusted people who, via the website – containing the logo of the Orlen company and the image of the President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda – offered to invest money, as a result of which the woman lost over PLN 50,000.


An appeal to seniors and their families

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Police officers conduct activities in the case of both crimes. But they also appeal to seniors and their families to exercise particular caution in telephone contacts with people who claim to be employees of a bank or other institution. In any such case, it is important to verify the identity of the caller. – We appeal to the elderly to be cautious and prudent, and to their family members to talk about possible fraud methods used by criminals – says Hańdziuk.

Officers also remind you not to disclose your bank account login details or blik codes to anyone.

In what other situations should you be vigilant? The police emphasize: – When someone calls us and persuades us to install the application on their phone, tablet or computer.

According to the police, scammers often even offer to help us through the installation process. – Applications such as AnyDesk are legal and useful – they allow remote access to many devices, but unfortunately they are also used by fraudsters who are used for criminal activities. By installing such a program, we make our data available, we enable access to bank accounts and the ability to perform financial operations on them – points out the spokeswoman.

Don’t get caught by the policeman 2.01 | He called the 51-year-old and said he was an officer of the Central Police Investigation Bureau. He claimed to be tracking the person who wanted to deceive her. All I need is her bank login details. She gave what he wanted. She lost her savings. Lubuskie Police

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