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Otwock. A mandate for an 18-year-old driver from a crashed McLaren. Father and son bragged about breaking the rules before

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An 18-year-old driver smashed a sports mclaren worth 1.6 million zlotys in Otwock. The police gave him a fine. There was information in the media that both the novice rally driver and his father promoted the violation of road rules on the Internet: they boasted, among others riding motorcycles on the bicycle path and pavement.

A sports car collided on Saturday in Otwock at Kraszewskiego Street. As our reporter described, on a straight stretch of road McLaren’s driver skidded and hit a concrete polebreaking it. The car’s front suspension was broken, and the car – as it turned out – worth up to PLN 1.6 million – stopped several dozen meters away. The police then told us that the driver was okay, he was sober. The expensive car, however, was completely smashed.

On Monday, the police announced that the situation had been fined. – The 18-year-old driver was punished with a fine of PLN 500 – said a spokeswoman for the Otwock police, young asp. Paulina Harabin.

A McLaren driver hit the lighthouse in OtwockOSP Otwock Jabłonna / Facebook

Earlier, the media reported that a novice radio driver, Oliwier Dobrowolski, was behind the wheel of the mclaren s720. This was confirmed by his father – Piotr Dobrowolski in an interview with the sportfakty.pl portal. He explained that the vehicle fell off the road on a slippery surface. He also explained that “it is a very difficult car” with a power of almost 800 horsepower, rear-wheel drive, which the son may not have dealt with and is “devastated by the situation”.

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By motorbikes through the bike path, 80 km / h by “decelerators”

After the incident in Otwock, the brd24.pl website, informing about road safety, showed materials that show that the 18-year-old and his father had already broken traffic regulations. Journalists showed screenshots of the video that the young Dobrowolski posted on social media. You can see two people riding crossbikes on the bike path. The video was titled “Entrance to the track” with the annotation “Dad & Son”, which – according to the portal – may indicate that the 18-year-old was going with his father. The “heroes” of the recording cross the South Bridge in Warsaw, then continue their route on the pavement.

The portal also recalled that two months ago the father of the 18-year-old posted a video on social media entitled “Are the thresholds slowing down? Volvo S90 responds”. His two heroes drive a car through a neighborhood street and check if it is possible to drive over speed bumps at higher speed. The driver drives the Volvo at a speed of 50 per hour at first – because, as he notices – this is the case in built-up areas, and then at 60, 70 and finally 80 kilometers per hour. “You already know that the decelerators can easily fly 60 per hour, and I would even risk traveling at a higher speed” – sums up one of the heroes.

“Greetings to all those who install the decelerators. These are my favorite such cherries on the automotive cake in Poland. You can drive 70 per hour with your decelerators” – he adds.

Under the film, commentators pointed out to the authors of the “test” that there was a sign on the street informing about the speed limit of 30 kilometers per hour, and the video was nothing more than promoting breaking the rules. However, Dobrowolski defended himself in the comments and emphasized that it was not him who was behind the wheel, but the film was a montage.

We tried to ask in the Otwock headquarters whether such a test and fast driving on a local street pose a threat. However, the spokeswoman declined to watch the film and comment on the matter.

Main photo source: OSP Otwock Jabłonna / Facebook

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