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Otwock. After an argument with her cohabitant, she called the police. She forgot she was wanted

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After an argument with her cohabitant, she called the police and was arrested. He will spend more than a year in prison. She knew that “stuff from the past dragged on” but “hoped that would change over time”.

Police officers from Otwock received a report about a quarrel between the applicant and her cohabitant. – She hoped that the police would help her reach an agreement with the man, but she forgot about one very important matter – said the spokesman for the police in Otwock, Staff Sergeant Patryk Domarecki, in a statement

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The woman called the police. She had forgotten that she was wanted KPP in Otwock

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She knew old things were following her

The police arrested the woman and her husband. There was a note in the system that was surprising not only to her, but also to the officers. – It turned out that the applicant is wanted by the courts in Otwock and Garwolin to serve a total sentence of over a year of imprisonment. When she heard from the police that she was detained, she was surprised. She said that she knew that she was following old cases and had been wanted in the past, but she hoped that this would change over time, the police officer described.

Police officers led the 44-year-old to the detention center, where she will spend the next 390 days.

Main photo source: KPP in Otwock

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