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Otwock. Chase after the driver. He was banned from driving, he was drunk

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After a chase, policemen from the Otwock traffic police stopped a 43-year-old driver who did not stop for inspection. – It turned out that he was drunk and he had a court ban on driving motor vehicles – said Paulina Harabin, spokeswoman of the Otwock police.

As the policewoman informed, officers from the Road Traffic Department were patrolling the town of Dąbrówka. The signal to stop was given to the driver of a Fiat passenger car.

He abandoned the car, ran away on foot

The man, however, ignored the police’s order to stop, accelerated and began to run away. The uniform immediately chased him with the light and sound signals turned on, Harabin described. And she added: – Unfortunately, the driver continued his escape, suddenly changing the direction of travel several times. After a few minutes, the man, seeing that there was no chance of escaping by car, abandoned the vehicle on one of the streets and ran away on foot. After a while he was stopped by a patrol chasing him.

The policewoman noted that after the identification, it turned out that he was a 43-year-old resident of the Otwock poviat. – When checking the man in the police systems, officers found that he had lost his driving license last year and had an active ban on driving until December 2021, issued by the District Court in Otwock. In addition, the 43-year-old’s sobriety test showed nearly a per mille of alcohol, Harabin said.

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Charges for the driver

The man ended up in a police cell. After sobering up, he was charged with “driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol during the period of the driving ban imposed in connection with a criminal conviction and failure to comply with the order to stop the motor vehicle”. Such an offense is punishable by up to five years in prison.

– If such a person continues to drive, he may go to jail, and the court may additionally have the option of imposing a life ban on driving. A driver who does not stop at a roadside check also has to face severe consequences and a penalty of up to five years’ imprisonment, she concluded.

We informed about the announcement of higher fines for drunk drivers:

Mateusz Morawiecki on penalties for driversTVN24

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