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Otwock. Detained for mentally and physically abusing his partner. Police: kicked, insulted and threatened officers

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Police from Otwock arrested a suspect of physically and mentally abusing the concubine. The woman was afraid to go home with the child and informed the officers about the case. According to the command’s spokeswoman, during the intervention, the man was aggressive – he challenged and kicked the officers, threatened to kill them and set their belongings on fire, and then kicked at the door of the police car. The 39-year-old heard a total of eight charges and was temporarily arrested.

According to Paulina Harabin, spokeswoman for the Otwock police, a woman with a child came to the police station last Wednesday, who was afraid to return to the apartment because her cohabitant was very aggressive. – The woman also mentioned that since March the man often starts fights, during which he challenges, insults and pushes her – emphasizes Harabin.


The policemen from the intelligence and intervention team went to the indicated address. – In the apartment they found a 39-year-old who was behaving aggressively and did not follow his orders. The uniforms used physical force against him and handcuffed him. Then the man became even more aggressive – he began to challenge and kick the policemen. He also threatened them with killing their lives and setting their belongings on fire, thus wanting to force them to withdraw from their activities – reports the policewoman.

He points out that the man did not calm down even when he was led to the police car: – He insulted the officers all the time and resisted. When the policemen put the man in the vehicle and closed the door, he lay down on the couch and started kicking it, which damaged it.

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Eight counts and arrest

The detainee was sent to a police cell, and after collecting the evidence, the investigators presented the man with a total of eight charges. – They concern: insults, violations, making criminal threats against officers and forcing them to refrain from legal service activities, damage to a police car, as well as physical and mental abuse of a concubine – lists the policewoman.

The court also granted the request of the investigators and decided to keep the suspect in temporary detention for three months.

The detainee heard a total of eight chargesKPP in Otwock

We also informed about the case two-month-old Kamil, whose father was convicted of attempted murder:

The prosecutor reads out the indictment against Dagmar N. Mateusz Szmelter / tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: KPP in Otwock

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