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Otwock. He hid several portions in his underwear, buried over two kilos in the ground. 50-year-old man charged with drug trafficking

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During the ambush, police officers from Otwock detained a 50-year-old man suspected of drug trafficking. According to the officers, part of the “goods” was buried in the ground. Prohibited substances were detected thanks to dogs trained for this purpose.

According to Paulina Harabin from the Poviat Police Headquarters in Otwock, the officers have been working for a long time on the issue of placing a significant amount of narcotic and psychotropic drugs on the market by a resident of Otwock. According to their findings, the man dealt in drugs in the Otwock district and neighboring districts. The police determined not only the personal details of the dealer, but also the ways and places of drug distribution.

Police ambush

“Once they had determined the time and place where one of these transactions might have taken place, they set up an ambush. As a result, they detained two men aged 50 and 33. They were both nervous. With the older of them, criminals found several dozen portions of various drugs in his underwear, and cash in the amount of nearly PLN 3,000 in his pants pocket, while the 33-year-old was holding a bag of amphetamine, which he had just purchased, said Paulina Harabin.

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The policewoman added that the officers went to the places of residence of the detained men, and during the search of the premises they secured another cash in the amount of over PLN 28,000. zlotys, 420 euros, 50 pounds and 111 dollars.

Drugs buried under the forest

The 50-year-old convinced them that there was nothing else to look for, because there were no more prohibited substances. – However, criminal investigators did not believe him, they were convinced that he was not telling the truth and asked police officers from other units of the Otwock command, the prevention department in Warsaw and a guide with a dog to search for the smell of drugs from the Intelligence and Patrol Department of the Warsaw Police Headquarters to come to the place – she explained Paulina Harabin.

She emphasized that the dog smelled drugs just outside the property near the forest. “After digging up some soil from the area, officers found a plastic bag with meth. After a while, more fragments of the ground were dug up, under which plastic bags with marijuana, amphetamine, methamphetamine and mephedrone were also found. In total, more than two kilograms of drugs were seized, Harabin said.

The District Prosecutor’s Office in Otwock charged the 50-year-old with marketing large amounts of narcotic and psychotropic drugs. The court arrested the man for three months. The second arrested man, 33, was charged with possession of drugs. The investigation is ongoing and more arrests are possible.

Main photo source: KPP Otwock

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