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Otwock. Scam “on the policeman”. The pensioner believed that she was taking part in the police action. She lost PLN 27,000

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As a result of fraud using the “policeman” method, the pensioner lost nearly 30,000 zlotys. According to the police in Otwock, three men were arrested in the case. Two of them are suspected of trying to extort their savings from two seniors – a total of PLN 100,000

“The 45- and 39-year-old are suspected of trying to cheat ‘the policeman.’ Thanks to the vigilance of bank employees who notified the officers about the suspicious operations, two seniors did not lose their savings totaling PLN 100,000. The woman believed that she was taking part in a secret action and lost 27,000 zlotys “- informs the KPP in Otwock.

He persuaded the senior that he was taking part in the action of arresting the fraudsters

In the first case – as the police report shows – the senior was phoned by a man. During the interview, he informed him that the police were carrying out activities aimed at arresting the fraudsters and asked for help in arresting them. This help was to be a cash transfer. “The older man was ready to pay his savings to the account indicated by the fraudster and for this purpose he went to the bank, where he ordered the transfer. However, the vigilant employee of the facility became suspicious of the transaction he was carrying out for the amount of PLN 50,000. forced to make a transfer, he denied. Then the employees of the facility informed the officers of their suspicions, “the police said.

In an interview with the police, the man admitted that he had donated the money to help detain an organized crime group. Then the transfer ordered by him was withdrawn and the money was returned to his account.

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The fake cop offered to deposit her savings

The senior lady was deceived in a similar way. The woman received a phone call from an alleged officer who explained that he was on the trail of criminals using her forged identity card. Therefore, he proposed that the pensioner should withdraw her savings kept in bank accounts as soon as possible and pay them to the indicated account belonging to the police officer, if she did not want to lose this money.

The man put pressure on the victim and even threatened her with consequences for refusing to cooperate. In addition, he assured the woman that the cash would be returned to her account after the perpetrators were arrested. Here, once again, the decisive reaction of the bank employee did not disappoint. The police, who arrived at the scene, were informed about the whole incident, even before the transfer was made.

They face up to eight years in prison

However, according to the officers, one pensioner donated 27,000 zlotys to the false policeman. “The man convinced the elderly woman that the money in her bank accounts was at risk. He added that the police were working to catch scammers who wanted to steal her savings. The woman believed a person pretending to be a police officer and deposited her savings into an allegedly safe bank account. The fake policeman assured the senior that after the actions were completed, she would regain her savings. This did not happen. The fake officer did not make contact with her again “- the command in Otwock reported.

In connection with these cases, the police in Otwock took action in which three men aged 45, 39 and 25 were arrested in Gdynia, Kraków and Katowice. The evidence gathered in the case allowed the investigators to bring charges of fraud to them. The Otwock District Court arrested all three suspects for three months. Now they face six to eight years in prison.

Main photo source: KPP in Otwock

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