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Otwock. Trial over the deduction of an energy company employee. The accused co-founder of Lekaro

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A trial has started before the District Court in Otwock against the co-founder of the Lekaro waste management company – Jerzy Z., accused of hitting an employee of Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne (PSE) and destroying a drone.

The accused's explanation shows that although PSE's plans threatened the interests of Lekaro, he hit the man accidentally.

The indictment was submitted to the District Court in Otwock in August 2022, and the event itself took place on February 13, 2022., in Wola Ducka (Otwock poviat), in the parking lot behind a closed gas station. PSE employees carried out – as part of their duties – a drone flight of the 400 kV Kozienice – Miłosna line. Nearby, there is the headquarters of Lekaro, a company that collects waste not only from nearby communes, but also from some Warsaw districts.

He was changing the battery in a drone and a driver hit it

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According to investigators, when a PSE employee was changing the battery in the drone, a delivery car hit it, driven by, according to the prosecutor's office, Jerzy Z., the husband of the owner of Lekaro, now retired, presented in the media as the co-founder of the company. The prosecutor's office charged him with: exposing a person to a direct threat of loss of life or serious bodily injury in conjunction with violation of the functions of a body organ or health disorder. In addition, he was charged with damaging property in the form of a PSE company drone worth over PLN 50,000. zloty. The man was to reverse the car and run over the machine again.

On Monday, when the indictment was read, Jerzy Z. only said that he did not admit to the acts he was accused of. He refused to provide explanations and did not decide to answer questions. The judge read his explanations from the preparatory proceedings.

Conflict between Lekaro and PSE

The accused then admitted that there was a conflict of interest between Lekaro and PSE, which was planning to expand the power grid.

– PSE aims to take over the area and exclude 10,000 people from operations. meters, which would result in a reduction in waste processing activities – he told investigators. – I feel that the case is one of the methods of influencing Lekaro's decision regarding PSE – he explained. He also expressed concern that the photos taken could have been passed on to competitors.

– I dare say that these were flights aimed at taking detailed photos of the Lekaro company for their use by other competitive entities, which has already happened – said Jerzy Z.

The accused admitted that although he came to the company in a company car that day, when he heard from the janitor about a drone flying nearby, he changed into the company's VW transporter and went to the place where the machine was supposed to take off. He emphasized that the closed station is also owned by Lekaro.

Jerzy Z.'s explanation shows that PSE employees arrived at the parking lot in an unmarked car and did not have marked clothing. However, the collision occurred only because the accused failed to control the car.

“Conditions were good, the perpetrator had the sun behind him”

The testimony of the injured PSE employee shows that the choice of location was dictated by safety reasons, not the proximity of the Lekaro company.

– We drove around looking for a safe place that would not pose the slightest threat to people or objects. It was the best: a large, large area of ​​a closed gas station, no traffic, the area was open to the public – explained the man. He admitted that the VW Amaroc they were driving was not marked and his clothes were also unmarked. His friend, however, allegedly had a service jacket with the PSE marking.

– I was standing at the edge of the square, on the opposite side from the entrance, maybe a hundred meters from the only entrance to the station. I was bending over, changing batteries. Driving conditions were very good, the perpetrator had the sun behind him and had perfect visibility – he told the court. – I felt a blow to the entire right side of my body. I had many layers of clothing, which probably cushioned it. When I woke up, I was lying on my back. At that moment I felt a general sense of bewilderment. I got up on my own – said the PSE employee.

The injured party was to stay in hospital for three days, then remain under the care of a neurosurgeon, psychologist and psychiatrist.

Witness: the friend rolled away

On Monday, the court also heard the second man who was in the parking lot. – My friend rolled away – he reported. – After the first collision, the camera separated from the drone, and after the second one, it was probably completely destroyed – the witness testified. He said he is still shocked by the incident. – If I had stayed with the drone and not gone to get the battery, I could have been under the wheels, because I am much shorter – he said. The witness testified that the flight was reported in the Polish Air Navigation System. He added that his company also has permission to fly over the nearby National Center for Nuclear Research. The court asked the company to deliver them.

As a result of the inquiries of defense attorney Jerzy Z., who had doubts about the police note in the case file, the judge emphasized that the evidence showed that the injured party and his friend were sober. The next hearing is scheduled for April.

After the incident, PSE issued a statement that – in their opinion – it could have been a deliberate act, even an attempted murder. “There were only PSE employees in marked clothing in the parking lot. The driver of a delivery car, without any attempt to brake, hit an employee who was changing the battery in a drone, then reversed and again ran over equipment worth several dozen thousand zlotys lying on the ground, and then drove away” – wrote in a statement by PSE.

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