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Otwock. While dismantling the dog kennel, he found weapons from World War II

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Otwock policemen donated valuable exhibits from World War II to the Museum of Cursed Soldiers and Political Prisoners of the Polish People’s Republic. The weapon and ammunition belonged to the finder’s grandfather, a Home Army soldier.

According to the Otwock police, the collection included a Polish-made VIS pistol from 1938, a Soviet-made submachine gun from 1943, a drum magazine from a Soviet-made submachine gun and 50 cartridges. “In the course of the activities performed, both pistols were handed over to an expert, who in his opinion stated that they are technically functional and do not show any traces of alterations,” we read in the statement.

They belonged to a Home Army soldier, now they will be in a museum

As it was established, the revealed exhibits belonged to a Home Army soldier. His grandson accidentally found it while demolishing the doghouse. Due to the fact that the man did not have the required permit, the weapon was fully secured by the officers. And because it has historical value, it will now be able to be viewed and admired by subsequent generations.

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Main photo source: KPP in Otwock

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