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Our man on the moon. Hubert Kijek in the LunAres habitat. “It’s a cosmic idea for a journalist to be locked up in space”

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Hubert Kijek takes part in the analog mission Theia II. For the next few days, our man on the moon will be locked in an environment that simulates a real expedition to the surface of our natural satellite, with no possibility of contact with the outside world. The TVN24 BiS reporter talked to psychologist Agnieszka Skorupa about how such isolation can affect crew members.

The analog mission Theia II officially launched on Friday. Its purpose is to study how people react to conditions in a simulated extraterrestrial environment – isolation from loved ones, being locked up, stress related to unforeseen situations. TVN24 BiS reporter Hubert Kijek will take part in a series of experiments examining both his physical condition and well-being. Psychologist Agnieszka Skorupa from the University of Silesia will be responsible for monitoring the mental state of the crew.

“Unique in the world”

In an interview with Hubert Kijek, the expert explained that the LunAres habitat gives psychologists a unique opportunity to collect data on the human psyche in space for a long period of time – already the third year. “We’re collecting data on how people adapt to isolated places,” she said. – It affects the dynamics of the group, and our daily emotions, and how we work together, whether there are conflicts, whether we are effective – added the psychologist. She added that so far scientists have managed to collect observations from 15 missions in LunAres. As she explained, it is “unique in the world”.

Cosmic idea

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According to Skorupa, the collected data will give researchers the opportunity to draw reliable conclusions about how people will adapt in the future to life in habitats – analog and real. It is also a source of valuable information for astronauts preparing to take part in space missions.

Hubert Kijek asked about one more important issue – how can the crew react to the presence of a journalist documenting a mission with a camera in his hand?

“It’s a cosmic idea for a journalist to be locked up in space,” added Skorupa. – The question is to what extent people will adapt and accept you as a normal phenomenon. However, you are such a cosmic anomaly, (…) the question is whether people feel embarrassed when they are recorded, do they feel that you are part of the group, (…) are you the judging eye. The question is how do we deal with that pressure?

What challenges will Hubert Kijek face during the LunAres mission? We will follow the course of his visit to the “extraterrestrial” base in the series “Our Man on the Moon” on TVN24 BiS and on tvnmeteo.pl.

“Our Man in the Moon” – trailer of the programTVN24 BiS

Main photo source: TVN24 BiS

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