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Our man on the moon. Hubert Kijek sets off on an analog mission

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Hubert Kijek is ready for a trip to the Moon on Earth. TVN24 BiS reporter will spend seven days in an environment simulating a real scientific mission to our natural satellite. What challenges await him during his stay in the LunAres habitat?

After the stratospheric balloon and weightless flight, it’s time for another TVN24 BiS space project. This time Hubert Kijek will go to the Moon, or rather to the LunAres habitat located nearby saws (Greater Poland Voivodeship). It is a center that specializes in analog missions – realistic simulations of real space missions, allowing scientists to study how people react to the conditions prevailing in extraterrestrial bases. We will follow the reporter’s actions in the program “Our Man on the Moon”.

>>>Learn more about the analog missions and the LunAres base: Our man on the moon. Hubert Kijek from TVN24 BiS will take part in the LunAres mission

Space walks

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Hubert Kijek will join the Theia II mission, the 25th mission conducted at the LunAres facility and the first this year. Six “astronauts” from Poland, Germany and Mexico will enter the habitat. Each of the crew members plays an important role in the daily functioning of the base. Our reporter will assume the role of the communications officer and his task will be to cover the course of the mission from 10 to 18 February. However, he himself will have almost no contact with the outside world

“I’ll be cut off from the world for a week,” he explains. – I will not have access to social media or information from the country and the world.

During the mission, Hubert Kijek will bring us closer to various aspects of astronauts’ lives, from life in a habitat to crisis situations. We will find out what the daily functioning of an extraterrestrial research center looks like, what “astronauts” do during the day and how the crew copes with isolation. In addition, together with the reporter, we will be able to take part in simulated lunar walks.

Profile of Hubert Kijek during the LunAres Theia II missionLunAres/Space Is More

Space and health

The Theia II mission will also be a valuable opportunity to collect data on the impact of “space” conditions on human health and well-being.

– During the expedition, I will be thoroughly examined and I will take part in experiments that may affect the future colonization of the Moon or Mars – explains Kijek. What scientists will look at will be, among others: analysis of the impact of a freeze-dried diet on the condition of the oral cavity, adaptation to life in a habitat or verification of procedures accompanying spacewalks.

As the reporter explains, an important element of the mission will also be monitoring the health of the crew. Each mission participant will receive a diet arranged by specialists, and will also have to exercise regularly. The physical activity plan will be developed by the Paralympic Champion.

– A special device will examine the condition of my muscles – says Kijek. – This device is to fly to the International Space Station in the future.

The official mission logo of Theia IILunAres/Space Is More

Transmission from orbit

As Hubert Kijek explains, the mission’s goal is also to show what “space journalism” will look like in the future. We are witnessing a new “space race” and space tourism is developing more and more dynamically. In addition, more and more entities are starting to make plans for expansion into extraterrestrial space – the United States is striving to create a base on the moon and send a manned expedition to Mars.

– Space is at your fingertips, so journalists broadcasting from the orbit or the Moon will soon become normal. We want to be pioneers (…) and report what happens during a simulated mission on the moon – explains Kijek.

What challenges will Hubert Kijek face during the LunAres mission? We will follow the course of his visit to the “extraterrestrial” base in the series “Our Man on the Moon” on TVN24 BiS and tvnmeteo.pl.

Main photo source: TVN24 BiS

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