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Our man on the moon. LunAres program, mission Theia II 2023. Hubert Kijek in the LunAres mission. History

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Hubert Kijek has been locked up in the LunAres research center near Piła since Friday. It tells about the history of the mission, as well as about people who, thanks to this facility, flew into space. – Since two people have already flown into space from LunAres, it’s probably time for a third one, i.e. the first European journalist – said the TVN24 BiS reporter.

Hubert Kijek takes part in the Theia II 2023 mission, which takes place at the LunAres research facility, located near saws (Greater Poland Voivodeship). There are six “astronauts” in the habitat. Each of them will play an important role in the daily functioning of the base. Our reporter took on the role of communications officer, and his task is to cover the course of the mission until February 18. We can follow his actions in the program “Our Man in the Moon”.

– ICAres-1 is one of the first expeditions in the LunAres habitat, and also one of the most important, because during this expedition it was checked how a person with disabilities would cope during an analog mission – said Hubert Kijek. The TVN24 BiS reporter said that it was John, a British Paralympian. He added that the research that was carried out at the time was used by the European Space Agency to select the astronauts to fly in cosmos. – So far, two people have flown into space, who took part in analog missions organized by this facility. Doctor Sian Proctor, who reached orbit thanks to the Inspiration IV mission. It orbited at an altitude of about 500 kilometers for three days. It was higher than the International Space Station, he said.

Kijek also said that the second person was Sara Sabry, an engineer from Egypt, who reached an altitude of just over a hundred kilometers on Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket. This was made possible by the “Space for Humanity” program. – Since two people have already flown from LunAres, it’s probably time for a third one, i.e. the first European journalist – noted the TVN24 BiS reporter.

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Our Man on the Moon – Report

What challenges will Hubert Kijek face during the LunAres mission? We will follow the course of his visit to the “extraterrestrial” base in the series “Our Man on the Moon” on TVN24 BiS and tvnmeteo.pl.

“Our Man in the Moon” – trailer of the programTVN24 BiS

Main photo source: TVN24 BiS

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