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Our man on the moon. LunAres program, mission Theia II. Hubert Kijek in the LunAres mission. It shows us what the base looks like

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Hubert Kijek, TVN24 BiS Reporter, spent the first night in the LunAres habitat, i.e. an environment that simulates the lunar environment. He told what task awaited the whole team of “astronauts” on the first day.

Hubert Kijek joined the Theia II 2023 mission, which takes place at the LunAres research facility located near saws (Greater Poland Voivodeship). Six “astronauts” from Poland, Germany and Mexico entered the habitat. Each of the crew members will play an important role in the daily operation of the base. Our reporter will assume the role of the communications officer and his task will be to cover the course of the mission from 10 to 18 February. However, he himself will have almost no contact with the outside world. We will follow his actions in the program “Our Man on the Moon”.

Our Man on the Moon – Report

LunAres missions. “The first night is behind us”

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Hubert Kijek spent the first night in the LunAres habitat. – Hello, this is the lunar base in the LunAres Habitat. The first night of our expedition on the simulated Silver Globe is behind us. I have to admit it wasn’t an easy night as the entire crew went to bed late last night. We discussed what awaits us here, but we also divided the tasks – told the TVN24 BiS reporter.

– This morning we had to get up to do one of the first experiments. Our task was to fill four vials with our saliva so that dentists, dentists, and scientists could check how the conditions in the habitat, as well as the freeze-dried diet, affect our oral cavity and our teeth – he said.

He added that this was not the only experiment that took place that day.

What challenges will Hubert Kijek face during the LunAres mission? We will follow the course of his visit to the “extraterrestrial” base in the series “Our Man on the Moon” on TVN24 BiS and tvnmeteo.pl.

“Our Man in the Moon” – trailer of the programTVN24 BiS

Main photo source: TVN24 BiS

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