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Our man on the moon. LunAres Thea II mission 2023. Hubert Kijek in the kitchen. What do astronauts eat?

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Hubert Kijek, TVN24 BiS reporter, who has been staying in the LunAres habitat since Friday and is taking part in a mission simulating a real expedition to the Silver Globe, told how his diet looks now. In front of the camera, he tried soup, bigos and fruit.

At the LunAres research facility nearby saws (Wielkopolskie Voivodeship) Theia II 2023 mission is underway, which simulates a trip to the Moon. “Astronauts” from Poland, Germany and Mexico take part in it. What they eat now was told by the TVN24 BIS journalist Hubert Kijek, who acts as a communication officer.

Powdered soup, stew, and crunchy strawberries

“Greetings from the cosmic kitchen” – our man “on the moon” began his next report. On the table he had tomato and pepper soup in powder and bigos in a similar form. To make the first and second courses ready to eat, you had to pour hot water over them, wait a few minutes and stir them gently, he said.

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According to Kijek, the soup tasted “excellent”, the bigos was not “seasoned as well as at home”, although it tasted “like the real thing”.

What do astronauts eat for dessert? For example, freeze-dried fruit, i.e. those that have been subjected to the process of removing water from them when frozen. The TVN24 BiS reporter tried crunchy strawberries, tangerines and figs. – Heaven in the mouth – he summed up briefly.

Hubert Kijek talked about what his diet looks like nowTVN24 BiS

As Kijek added, while trying “space” delicacies, the diet of astronauts, for example those on board the International Space Station (ISS), has changed significantly since the first man, Yuri Gagarin, appeared in space. Today, they have at their disposal cuisines from all over the world, including American, Italian, French and Polish.

What challenges will Hubert Kijek face during the LunAres mission? We will follow the course of his visit to the “extraterrestrial” base in the series “Our Man on the Moon” on TVN24 BiS and on tvnmeteo.pl.

“Our Man in the Moon” – trailer of the programTVN24 BiS

Main photo source: TVN24 BiS

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