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Outfits. He lost three eggs, a partner, and in the end only one chick. Another pair of storks lived in his nest

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The stork that settled its nest in Przygodzice (Wielkopolska) this spring, had to fight for it with other storks from the very beginning. He quickly found a partner, she laid four eggs. They lost three in the fights, a chick hatched from the fourth. And the mother was gone. When the father went to feed, the chick was kidnapped by another stork. Another couple already moved to the nest during the night from Thursday to Friday.

The stork drama in Przygodzice near Ostrów Wielkopolski could be watched by anyone via the Internet, because there is a camera installed in the nest, and live stream lasts continuously from spring to late summer. The project “Close storks“invented in 2006 the ornithologist Paweł Dolata. He runs it socially together with lovers of these birds.

The nest is 30 years old, it is located on the closed boiler room chimney of the Przyodzic commune office. Every year it is populated by a pair of storks and it is occupied by the whole season. It is not known if it is the same pair as in the previous year, because the birds are not ringed. The female is called the Adventure, and the male the Heir, because when these words are combined – as Dolata says – they sound similar to the name of the village.

This season, something unheard of happened. The nest owners changed in a short time.

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Steam from the first minute

The broadcast began on March 21. Soon, the Dziedzic appeared in the nest.

The Dziedzic is renovating the nest in Przygodzice, on April 2bociany.prawyodzice.pl/ Agata Dera

A few days later, on April 4, Adventure came to him. A trained eye can distinguish sex by size when the birds are next to each other – he is slightly larger than her, has a slightly longer beak. And the doubts are dispelled by copulation – the female is always downstairs.

– The male will not always accept the first female to come to him. In this case, the consumption of the compound took place in the first minute of getting to know it – says Dolata.

Heir and Adventure, April 8bociany.prawyodzice.pl/ Agata Dera

Fighting for the nest

The heir, sometimes with the help of the Adventure, had to defend the nest against other storks from the very beginning, which – in the case of these birds – is not unusual. Sometimes it is enough to scare you away with clattering, but there is also a direct fight. – People say: build more nests, storks will not fight. But birds choose better nests, as do people, restaurants or houses. We go to eat where there are plenty of guests, because it means that they give good food there. And we prefer fully equipped houses, just like birds – compares the ornithologist.

The best proof: a few kilometers from the boiler room chimney there is another stork’s nest and it has been empty for years. Dolata: – The stork can remember in which nest the chicks hatched last year and survived. This means that the nest is safe, that it will not fall, and that there is a supply of food nearby, that you can fly for food within a radius of two kilometers.

The fight for the nest in Przygodzice, April 11bociany.prawyodzice.pl/ Agata Dera

Adventure disappears twice

The pair fought dozens of skirmishes, sometimes being attacked simultaneously by two birds. In April, Adventure laid four eggs. But in the next fight, she was wounded in the wing. After this event, she flew out of the nest and did not return for 16 hours. Admirers of the storks from Przyodzic even organized a search. – Maybe she was in shock, maybe she was temporarily indisposed – Dolata supposes.

During the absence of his partner, Dziedzic had to protect the nests and eggs himself. Three of them were damaged during the fights – shaking it to do that. After the Adventure returns, a chick emerged from the last surviving egg on May 17. People called him Lucky.

Heir and Adventure with a Descendant, May 21bociany.prawyodzice.pl/ Agata Dera

Heir and Adventure shared their responsibilities. When one of the parents was flying to feed, the other one looked after the nest. Together, they looked after their only descendant – until May 24. On that day, the Adventure disappeared for the second time, and to this day no one has seen it. She could have died in a collision with overhead power lines, which, Dolata says, is a common occurrence for storks.

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Kidnapping a chick

The heir was alone again. On the first day, he did not leave the nest and his offspring. On the second he went once for a short feeding. Then he flew out more often: twice, three. June 8 flew too far. He had been gone too long. At that time, the nest was attacked by a foreign stork. – People called him an intruder, a kidnapper. He attacked five times. The chick, despite its much smaller stature, repulsed the attack four times. The fifth time, the intruder took the chick in its beak with a smooth flight and threw it behind the nest – reports Dolata.

The heir looks after and feeds the heir himself, May 28bociany.prawyodzice.pl/ Agata Dera

The chick did not survive. The heir, despite such a loss, continued to defend the nest. Ultimately, he lost on Thursday night to Friday.

– We met with the allegations why we did nothing. We arranged a canteen, a friend delivered fish and meat 30 kilometers away. We act socially, none of us takes money for it. There were ideas to throw off food with a drone or to chase away attacking storks with a water reel. It is a protected species and has its rights, the best wins – emphasizes Dolata.

Will the first heir come back?

From June 10, the nest is taken over by a new Heir with his Adventure. Probably he was the intruder-hijacker. But – as the ornithologist says – it is possible that the first Heir will try to recapture the nest.

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A new pair in the nest in Przygodzice, on June 10bociany.prawyodzice.pl/ Agata Dera

Main photo source: bociany.prawyodzice.pl/ Agata Dera

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