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Over a hundred judges adopted a resolution on the repair of the justice system. Conference of judges from Iustitia

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“The condition of the judiciary is tragic, cases in courts last up to 80 percent longer than eight years ago. The National Council of the Judiciary is not independent. The result is a lack of money from the National Judiciary and chaos,” it was written in the resolution adopted after a meeting of over a hundred judges with judges from ” Justice”. – There is no other choice but to start systemic, comprehensive work when it comes to the justice system. And this must be done as quickly as possible – commented judge Krystian Markiewicz at the conference.

Judges from the Association of Judges “Iustitia” met on Saturday with judges from all over Poland to talk about how to speed up court proceedings, restore the rule of law and unlock funds from the National Reconstruction Plan. “Iustitia” announced that over 100 judges from all over Poland would come to the meeting.

Over 100 judges talked, and there is a resolution

After the talks, at a conference after 2 p.m., the spokesman for “Iustitia”, Judge Bartłomiej Przymusiński, presented the content of the resolution.

The Association of Polish Judges IUSTITIA appeals to the representatives of the authorities – the Sejm, the Senate, the Council of Ministers and the President – to treat the situation in the justice system as requiring urgent changes and agreement. The state of the judiciary is tragic, cases in courts last up to 80 percent longer than eight years ago. The National Council of the Judiciary is not independent. The result is a lack of money from the KPO and chaos – today it is not known whether the verdict with which a citizen leaves court after a few years is certain and irrevocable. We want to rebuild citizens’ trust in the state. Countries that follow the rule of law are rich countries. Changes must be real, bold and innovative. Courts are supposed to be quick, fair and certain. The reforms will result in stable judgments issued within a reasonable time. To do this, you need to start by repairing the foundations. The activities of the neo-KRS should be stopped as soon as possible, as they are poisoning the justice system with faulty nominations and discrediting the seriousness of this institution. Our project provides for citizens’ participation in the operation of the National Council of the Judiciary and its full compliance with the Constitution and European law. Stopping the activities of the neoKRS is within the competence of the Sejm. A resolution on this subject will be the implementation of judgments of European tribunals. In particular, in the judgment of November 23, 2023, the European Court of Human Rights identified a systemic problem of defective judicial appointments in Poland. Therefore, the status of neo-judges should be stabilized and the defects of their appointments should be removed. Most competitions need to be re-run with the correct procedure. The status of former assessors and persons in a similar situation should also be protected. The actions we will propose will respect the right to a court and protect the stability of thousands of judgments issued by such people. Along with repairing the foundations, modern technologies should be introduced to the courts, the best judges should also be provided in district courts by unifying the status, and the efficiency of proceedings should be ensured. We know how to do it and we want to support these activities. The rule of law ensures prosperity and security for future generations. Build a modern judiciary with us!

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The full text of the resolution after a meeting of over a hundred judgesTVN24

“There is no choice but to start real, systemic, comprehensive work”

Judge Krystian Markiewicz noted that judges “prepared for a very long time for the situation that took place on October 15, for the elections in which civil society said that it did not want this situation that occurred in connection with the destruction of the rule of law in Poland.”

– Therefore, there is no choice but to start real, systemic, holistic work when it comes to the justice system. And this must be done as soon as possible, start here and now. It cannot be that we will win the war on October 15 and lose the peace without doing anything, which is why we have prepared for this moment. We not only have ideas, we have draft laws, he announced.

He emphasized that the resolution means that the changes will not be introduced alone and neither the Minister of Justice nor the Sejm itself will do it.

– We are the third power, we know how difficult the current situation is with the functioning of the courts and prosecutor’s offices. This is truly a situation that can be compared to a great fire, to a burned house. We have to rebuild this house, to rebuild this house the way we help after a fire, he said. – Likewise, now all of us, all authorities, media, civil society, must start working on these laws – he concluded.

Justice conferenceTVN24

There will be a package of laws

Markiewicz then said that a package of “five, perhaps six laws will be prepared, which will be presented in a final manner in the near future, as far as the legislative capacity of such laws is concerned.” – We are waiting for the formation of a new government that will be willing to work on restoring the rule of law – he announced.

– We must stop the activities of the National Council of the Judiciary as soon as possible. We see what is happening in recent days. Massive competitions for judge positions are announced all the time. The National Council of the Judiciary has been working like crazy in recent days. There is no time for any delay here and we hope that this matter will actually be resolved in the coming weeks, he emphasized.

He added that judges “expect discussion and adoption of a position regarding new judges (appointed by the neo-National Council of the Judiciary – ed.).” – We are committed to this. It’s not whether we want it or not. The Strasbourg Court two days ago in the case of “Wałęsa v. Poland” he said, Poland has a systemic problem and must do something about three things: the neo-KRS, the Extraordinary Public Affairs Control Chamber, which will soon determine the validity or invalidity of elections and with neo-judges – he recalled.

– Therefore, since Poland, we are also obliged to participate in these works, as the third power. We are ready for this work, we are prepared. We are waiting for this work to finally begin at the legislative level, he concluded.

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