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Overproduction of electricity. Reducing production from renewable sources

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The electricity transmission system operator PSE announced that on Sunday it will forcibly reduce the production of renewable sources: wind and, for the first time, photovoltaic. This is the result of the projected high production and low demand.

Pursuant to the law, PSE may resort to forced reductions of sources RES only after a number of other measures have been exhausted, including energy export. So far, the operator has taken this step several times, reducing the production of wind farms connected to the high-voltage grid during periods of low energy demand, e.g. during holidays. PSE spokeswoman Beata Jarosz told PAP that on Sunday, for the first time, the operator is to disconnect not only sources connected to the transmission grid, but also to grids with voltages lower than 110 kV, which means that they will also cover photovoltaic farms.

Overproduction of several gigawatts

According to PSE’s forecast, the peak PV capacity on Sunday is to reach almost 8 GW, and wind farms – approx. 2.5 GW. Due to the low demand for electricity, the surplus – according to the operator’s estimates – may amount to even several GW and this will be the order of magnitude of the reduction. According to the PSE announcement, the operator from 9 on Sunday formally announced the so-called State of Threat to the Security of Electricity Supply, which allows him to cut off individual producers from the grid.

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