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Own. The householders were asleep. They didn’t know the roof was on fire

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Returning home from duty, they noticed in Ojrzenie (Ciechanów poviat) burning soot in the chimney of one of the buildings. They took people out of there. Soon after, the building’s roof caught fire.

Two policemen from the police station in Nowe Miasto, Sgt. staff. Ewa Gadomska and Sgt. Daniel Kawieck, returning home from work, noticed in Nowa Wieś (Ojrzeń commune) that the soot in the chimney caught fire in one of the buildings.

The soot in the chimney caught fire, and then the roof of the buildingKPP Płońsk

They woke up the household

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– They drove up to the house and started knocking on windows and doors. A woman opened the door and asked to wake up her husband, who was sleeping in the building next door, and her two children. Police officers entered the smoke-filled building and took the child (9 years old) out of it, covered them with their jackets and led them to their car. The second child (4 years old) was brought out by his previously awakened grandmother. Police officers called the fire brigade to the spot, according to the subinsp. Grzegorz Osiński from the police in Płońsk

Police Sgt. staff. Ewa Gadomska and Sgt. Daniel Kawieck led four people out of the houseKPP Płońsk

During the conversation with the police, the woman admitted that everyone was asleep and no one saw that the building started to burn. Their mother came to fetch the children and took them home.

Firefighters called to the scene extinguished the burning roof structure.

Main photo source: KPP Płońsk

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