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Ozorków. Oil stain on the street and pavement. The mayor was looking for the culprit. It turned out that the woman had damaged the oil pan, but she did not know about it

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For over a kilometer it drove through the streets of Ozorków with a damaged oil sump, dirty the road and pavement, on which an oil puddle was formed. The mayor of the city, after seeing the surveillance video, invited the perpetrator to the office via social media. – A lady with her husband came to us and admitted that she damaged the oil pan in the car and did not notice it – says the local government official.

The incident happened on May 31. Employees of the city office in Ozorków noticed a trace of oil on the streets, which led them to the pavement at Listopadowa Street. There was an oil puddle and the tracks of a car that had driven away. The mayor of Ozorków, after seeing the recordings from the monitoring, published a post with photos on social media and invited the driver of the silver Skoda, who soiled the streets and pavement to the office.

The mayor of Ozorków invited the perpetrator to the OfficeFacebook

Mayor: She damaged the oil pan, but she didn’t know it

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A day later, a woman with her husband came to the office and confessed. – A resident of the Zgierz district admitted that she had damaged the oil pan on the speed bump at Cegielniana Street, but she did not know about it. She admitted that she saw a red light on, but she drove on, finally the engine in the car was damaged – describes the mayor of Ozorków, Jacek Socha.

She damaged the oil pan in the car and drove around the city dirtying the streets and sidewalksCity Hall in Ozorków

She adds that the woman’s husband partially removed the oil from the pavement. – After all, it will be necessary to replace a fragment of the pavement, because the oil is difficult to remove. We also asked the fire brigade for help, which was removing oil from the dirty streets. The costs of replacing part of the pavement will be covered by the lady’s motor insurance – says Socha.

The event took place in Ozorków

Main photo source: City Hall in Ozorków

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