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Pabianice. Dogs ran without a leash around the resort, “the resident felt threatened.” The city police intervened, a ticket for the owner

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Two large dogs without a leash ran up to the man who was leading his pet. They started jumping on him. A resident of Pabianice (Łódź Voivodeship), who was walking around the “Lewityn” holiday resort, felt threatened and notified the city guard about the matter. The owner of one of the unsecured quadrupeds received a ticket, the other did not accept the ticket. The case will go to court.

The incident took place on Sunday (February 19) in the “Lewityn” holiday resort in Pabianice. To the duty officer city ​​guard a man called and reported that two large dogs ran up to him and tried to attack his quadruped.

Two large dogs were running around the resort. Their owners were finedMunicipal Police in Pabianice

City police: a resident felt threatened

– The situation was noticed by the monitoring operator, but in the meantime we were also called by the owner of a small dog, to whom two large dogs running around the center ran up and started jumping on him. This resident felt threatened – Tomasz Marocki, the commander of the Municipal Guard in Pabianice, describes.

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He adds that the surveillance video shows two large dogs running around without any protection for a long time. – This is a center where a lot of people stay every day, and all the more so such dogs should be muzzled and kept on a leash, because it’s scary to think what would happen if one of them attacked, for example, a child – emphasizes Makrocki.

Two large dogs were running around the resort. The city police intervenedMunicipal Police in Pabianice

One of the owners accepted the ticket, the case of the other will end up in court

The owners of both pets running around the center without a leash were stopped by city guards and punished. One of them was fined $100. The other said that he had done nothing wrong and did not accept the mandate, therefore the case went to court – informs the commander of the guards from Pabianice.

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The guards remind that every owner is responsible for their four-legged friend and when they go out for a walk, they should properly secure it.

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The event took place in Pabianice

Main photo source: Municipal Police in Pabianice

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