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Pacanów, Michał Cieślak complained about the head of the post office. Trade unions want business consequences for the director

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The Free Trade Union of Postal Workers (WZZPP) referred in social media to the case of the head of the post office in Pacanów, which entered into a discussion with the minister and member of the PiS club, Michał Cieślak, and he filed a complaint against her. According to trade unions, the official consequences should be drawn against the director of the Poczta Polska network in Kielce, who – as they write – “called the chief and informed her from being removed from her official duties and disciplinary dismissal from work”.

“The subject of the head of UP Pacanów is well known, and she got into a discussion with Mr. Michał Cieślak, for which she had to suffer severe service consequences. Certainly, none of you would like to be called to the rug after a telephone complaint, no matter what client. to the director and hear that as a result of this complaint, the director decided to terminate the employment contract pursuant to Article 52 (disciplinarian), without prior in-depth explanation of the content and legitimacy of the complaint “- it was written in the statement on the WZZPP profile.

“It could and is possible, it can happen to each of us”

“It could and may happen, it can happen to each of us” – he added.

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“Taking into account the fact that in the face of the slightest offense, professional consequences are imposed on all employees, we believe that such consequences should also be drawn from the managers of Poczta Polska, who suspended the chief in her duties and threatened her with disciplinary dismissal. Hence our speech. to the president of Poczta Polska SA “- unions wrote.

Question about the behavior of the director from Kielce

They also posted a photo of the letter they sent to the president of Poczta Polska, Tomasz Zdzikot.

They pose a question about the behavior of the director of RS (Region Sieci) Kielce, Wojciech Stelmach, “who, after receiving a complaint against the head of the post office in Pacanów from MP Michał Cieślak, called the head of UP Pacanów to himself and informed her that she would not be removed from her duties and that she would be dismissed from work”. According to trade unionists, he could have violated the “Code of Ethics of Poczta Polska” by this behavior.

Trade unions want consequences for the director

“It should be noted that Mr. Michał Cieślak has already suffered professional consequences, losing his ministerial portfolio. Therefore, the question arises as to what consequences have been or will be drawn against the director of RS Kielce, Mr. Wojciech Stelmach, or other people from the company’s management contributed. ”

In the opinion of WZZPP, “failure to draw official consequences will prove that the” Code of Ethics of Poczta Polska “adopted by the management board of PP SA is an empty document with typical populist and propaganda content”.

The case of the head of the post office from Pacanów

Agnieszka Głazek, the head of the post office from Pacanów (Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship), was threatened with losing her job after She entered into a discussion with the minister for local government, Michał Cieślak. The conversation between her and the minister took place on June 3 at a Polish Post office.

The woman decided to talk to the politician about high prices. In an interview with TVN24, she told about the situation and admittedthat she was agitated and carried away by emotions. Shortly after the conversation, she received a phone call from the director’s office in Kielce. She was called “on the rug”. – The director told me that I would be disciplinary dismissed because I was subject to a ministerial complaint, because I talked about political issues with Mr. Cieślak. He accused me of using profanity, which was not true – she told Gazeta Wyborcza.


Michał Cieślak resigns

Alone Cieślak explained his behavior on Wednesday in conversation with journalists. – First of all, I want to say that I am sorry that such a situation even happened. I want to say here that my intention was not that someone would complain about the situation, that they wanted to have a better job, earn more. This applies to all of us, everyone would like to have a better job, earn better and have lower credit – he said.

However, on the same day, he announced that he had made a decision to resign as minister in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister.

Main photo source: TVN24

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