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Paczków. A one and a half year old child hit by a car on the property

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In Paczków in the Opole region, a 18-year-old child ran under a car moving on the property. The father and the driver of the car took the boy to the hospital. The police describe his condition as “unstable”.

The accident happened on Monday around 12.30. According to the police, the child ran directly under the car entering or leaving the property.


Child rushed to hospital

– There was a deduction. The 36-year-old car driver and the child’s father were sober. They decided to take them to the local hospital themselves – says Mateusz Schweiger from the District Police Headquarters in Nysa.

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Schweiger adds that the scene and the hospital are two minutes away. Calling an ambulance would take longer than driving the child to the facility on its own.

– A head injury was diagnosed in the hospital, the child is in an unstable condition. A helicopter from the Polish Medical Air Rescue was called in to transport them to another hospital – said the policeman.

LPR spokesman Justyna Sochacka said that the child was hospitalized in Wrocław.

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