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Padua. Non-biological mothers can disappear from the birth certificates of children of same-sex couples. That’s what the prosecution wants

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The Prosecutor of Padua wants the names of women in same-sex relationships who are non-biological mothers to disappear from the birth certificates of the children of these couples. The case highlights the legal difficulties faced by “rainbow families” in the country. Civil partnerships have been legal in Italy since 2016, but there are no clear rules on adoption of children.

The case came to light on Monday, and the Reuters agency described it on Tuesday. Valeria Sanzari, the prosecutor of Padua, launched an investigation in June into couples of women who have children. According to her, the birth certificates of 33 children of these couples, issued since 2017, should be corrected and the names of non-biological mothers removed from them.

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Padua. The prosecutor launched an investigation into the children of same-sex couples

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Reuters notes that same-sex relationships have been legalized in Italy in 2016, however, such couples have not been granted full adoption rights. In the absence of clear regulations in this regard, some courts have ruled in favor of same-sex couples and allowed them to adopt the biological children of the other couple. Some city authorities, including Padua or Milan, then agreed to register both partners as the child’s parents.

Prosecutor Sanzari believes that in the case of 33 children from Padua, the name of the non-biological mothers should be removed from their birth certificates. According to Reuters, removing the parent’s name from the document will create bureaucratic obstacles and contribute to emotional tensions. The mother, whose name will not be given in the document, will no longer be able to even pick up the child from school without the written consent of the partner (biological mother), and if the partner dies, the children may be taken away from her. The court is due to hear the case later this year.

The Italian government supported the prosecutor’s decision

Sanzari’s proposal irritated representatives of the Italian LGBTQ community. – These children may be orphaned by decree. This is a cruel, inhumane decision,” commented Alessandro Zan, a Democratic Party MP who campaigns for homosexual rights.

However, the Italian government supported the prosecutor’s decision. “In Italy, marriage is only between a man and a woman, so only the biological parent is the parent whose name can be registered,” Parliamentary Liaison Minister Luca Ciriani told RTL radio on Tuesday. In March the centre-right government of Giorgia Meloni appealed to the Milan authorities to stop the automatic registration of both partners from a same-sex couple as parents of children under their care, reminds Reuters.

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