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Pakistan, smog. Lahore in the lead of cities with the worst air quality. “Children suffer from respiratory diseases”

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Lahore, located in the east of Pakistan, has for years been one of the world’s leading cities with the worst air quality. The air quality index (AQI) in this metropolis with 11 million inhabitants was 348 units on Wednesday, while 300 is considered the limit of safety for the human body.

The Pakistani city of Lahore is the most polluted city in the world, said the French press agency AFP, citing the results of measurements by the Swiss company IQAir, operating a platform that monitors air quality on a global scale. The metropolis located in the east of the country has been at the forefront of cities with the worst air quality for years. The air quality index (AQI) on Wednesday indicated 348 units, while 300 is considered the limit of safety for the human body.

Pakistan. Air purification plant

In recent years, city residents have been constructing air purifiers on their own and have brought lawsuits against local authorities whose policies boil down to blaming neighboring India for the dire air condition or considering the statistics exaggerated.

The composition of the air over Lahore deteriorated due to the accumulation of exhaust fumes from low-quality diesel fuel and smoke from burned fields. Lower winter temperature, especially in windless weather, favors smog stagnation.

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– Children suffer from respiratory diseases. I don’t take them for a walk anymore, said Muhammad Said, a Lahore laborer. “Do something,” he appealed to the authorities. – We’re poor people. We can’t even afford medical care, echoed the shopkeeper Ikram Ahmad.

Smog in India

In neighboring India, in the capital New Delhi, the air quality has been bad for the past two weeks. The AQI index was close to 400 units on Tuesday morning, pointing to “very bad” conditions that can cause respiratory disease with prolonged exposure.

In recent days, children with breathing problems have come to hospitals. The direct impact of the pollutants was clearly seen in infants and young children whose parents reported to the hospital for wheezing, nasal discharge and other forms of allergies.

“Madhukar Rainbow Children’s Hospital in New Delhi has seen a significant increase in cases with respiratory and bronchial problems,” said Praveen Khilnani, director of the hospital.




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