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Palenica Białczańska. A quarrel over a parking lot before the trail to Morskie Oko. A parking attendant was attacked, and equipment was destroyed.

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The attack on the employee and the destroyed cameras, sensors and barriers are the result of the behavior of tourists who wanted to force their way into the parking lot before the trail leading to Morskie Oko. According to the authorities of the Tatra National Park, the tourists – including those without a purchased ticket – ignored the fact that there were no free spaces in the parking lot and started to argue with the staff. The police are investigating the case.

The incident occurred on June 1 around noon in Palenica Białczańska. According to the Tatra National Park employees, despite a clear sign on the roundabout in front of the parking lot in Łysa Polana informing about the lack of free parking spaces, the tourists drove up to the parking barrier and ignored the operating instructions.

On site, they received information that at that time they could park at Łysa Polana, where there were free spaces. Tourists, including those who did not have tickets for the TPN parking lot, argued with the parking lot staff and vandalized the system's devices, including cameras reading vehicle registration numbers, entry sensors and barriers. The parking lot staff member was insulted, pushed, kicked and pulled. There were also attempts to enter through the exit gate and run over the parking lot staff member with a car – the park authorities described the incident on Monday.

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According to TPN calculations, the cost of repairing the damaged parking system was nearly PLN 3,000.

A fight over a parking lot in Palenica Białczańska

Zakopane police spokesman, Asst. staff. Roman Wieczorek said on Monday that the police are investigating a misdemeanor case of causing a threat to road safety, and after TPN completes the documentation, they will prosecute the perpetrator. Activities will also be carried out regarding the crime of property damage.

– The matter may still evolve – added Wieczorek.

Parking lot at Palenica BiałczańskaTatra National Park

Wieczorek said that the woman driving the car, despite the lack of free parking spaces, tried to enter the parking lot. Driving very close to the parking attendant, she hit his legs.

– She was informed many times that the visible free spaces were reserved for people who had previously purchased tickets online. Fortunately, nothing serious happened to the parking attendant, however, the driver's actions allegedly damaged the monitoring system and the entrance gates to the parking lot. The patrol called to the scene did not find the described car or the woman – reported the police spokesman.

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The TPN authorities announce that they will take legal steps to punish the perpetrators and prevent similar incidents.

Morskie Okoweather.topr.pl

“The shocking scale of rudeness” of tourists going to Morskie Oko

“Disrespect and aggression towards our employees are unacceptable. We understand that problems with access and parking during a planned trip can cause anger and frustration, but the scale of rudeness and rudeness that our employees unfortunately experience on a daily basis, simply trying to do their job as best as they can – is shocking. Both men and women are insulted,” the TPN authorities wrote in a statement.

Naturalists appealed to tourists to follow the rules, respect announcements and be polite and respectful towards other people.

Parking lots before the trail to Morskie Oko. How to book?

In the parking lots in front of the trail to Morskie Oko, located in Palenica Białczańska and Łysa Polana, a reservation system is in force. The e-ticket system introduced by the TPN authorities in 2020 was aimed at improving traffic organization on this crowded road. Thanks to the system, tourists can reserve a parking space in front of this popular trail even many days in advance.

When planning a trip to Morskie Oko, you must purchase a parking space in advance via the website of the Tatra National Park, tpn.pl/zwiedzaj/e-bilety. Due to the very high tourist traffic, it is recommended to book a place even a few days in advance. With a parking e-ticket, tourists are guaranteed that they will have a place to park their car.

Main photo source: Tatra National Park

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