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Palestine and its independence. Canada postpones decision. The Prime Minister translates

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– Canada is ready to recognize the existence of a Palestinian state, but now, with the war in Gaza, it is not the right time (…). We are ready to recognize a Palestinian state at the right time and it will not necessarily be the last step, said Trudeau, answering a question from one of the parliamentarians, Heather McPherson from the New Democratic Party (NDP).

Will Canada recognize Palestine as a state? There is a dispute in the country

The NDP, which – while not in government – supports the cabinet in key votes Liberals, demands Canada's unilateral recognition of Palestine as a state. Other opposition parties, while supporting a two-state solution, do not believe in recognition Palestinian statehood was the current priority.

On Tuesday, Trudeau, referring to the decision of the International Criminal Court regarding the proceedings against liderom Hamasu and Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahusaid the ICC's decisions represent a “worrying” leveling democratically elected politicians of Israel with the heads of an organization considered terrorist by Canada. He considered this approach to be “not being helpful“.

More countries recognize Palestine's independence. Decisions soon

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Mentioned three European countries – Norway, Ireland and Spain – supported the recognition of the Palestinian state. – Norway will recognize Palestine as an independent, independent state with all rights and obligations – said the Prime Minister of Norway Jonas Gahr Store.

Ireland and Spain also supported the idea. Head of government of the second of these countries Pedro Sánchez he said his country intended to recognize Palestine 28 houses.

In connection with the decisions, Israel organized urgent consultations among ambassadors. – Israel will not ignore this. I have just ordered the return of Israeli ambassadors from Dublin and Oslo to Israel for urgent consultations in Jerusalem, said the Foreign Minister Israel Katz.

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