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Palliative care. The situation of many hospices in Poland is dramatic

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Rising inflation has a very negative impact on hospices. Medicines, food and the maintenance of the centers themselves are becoming more expensive. The February change in tariffs in palliative and hospice care did not help, because budgets do not clash anyway.

About PLN 300,000 a month is needed by the hospice in Gdańsk for normal functioning. February’s 12% increase in palliative and hospice care does not solve the problems. Two-digit inflation, rising energy costs and several hundred percent increases in the prices of medicines and dressing materials lead hospices to the brink. Budgets don’t overlap. According to the vice-president of the board of the Hospice Foundation, Agnieszka Paczkowska, the contract with National Health Fund is not enough for the needs of the patients.

– We see the increase in costs most in current fees. For energy, for gas, for food, for water, and above all for medical supplies. This has all gone from 20 to 70 percent year-on-year. We’ll get 12 percent more. It’s nice, but it’s not something that will let us sleep peacefully. The situation of many hospices in Poland is almost dramatic. We are in a big city, in Gdańsk, we have been learning to look for money for a long time, and it is still the worst for years – he says.

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– This care is dying. This is a paradox. People who take care of dying people will have to leave this place. I do not know what will remain then and I prefer not to think about it – Jolanta Grabowska-Markowska, president of the Cordis Hospice Social Society in Katowice, emphasized in February.

Issues patch budget holes

This situation applies to all hospices in Poland. There are almost 200 stationary hospices in the country. Very often hospice employees and volunteers get involved in fundraising. They make it possible to meet budgets. Hospices are also saved by tax deductions and anonymous donors. – For example, we have a person who pays us 50 zlotys a month. We don’t even know this person, so it’s something nice – Aleksandra Ciałkowska-Rysz, president of the Lodz Hospice Association, told Faktom TVN in February.

The government claims to know the problem. – Hospices as medical entities have been included in the list of those entities that have preferred conditions, but regardless of this, I commissioned the Agency for Health Technology Assessment to re-evaluate these services – he announced in February this year Adam NiedzielskiMinister of Health.

Every year, the Gdańsk hospice alone treats about 1,000 patients who suffer from incurable, progressive diseases at the end of their lives.

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