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Palowice do not want CPK. Citizens vs Railroads. “550 houses to be demolished. These are thousands of people who are suddenly about to go to the pavement”

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The inhabitants of Palowice in the Czerwionka-Leszczyny commune are protesting against the construction of the Central Communication Port and the accompanying High Speed ​​Railway line No. 170 Katowice – Ostrava through their village. They claim that they learn about the course of the route from the media, that nobody listens to them, nobody tells them what in exchange for a demolished house. – We are all to be expropriated, and houses to be demolished – they complain.

Company Central Communication Port (CPK) chose investor’s variant of the planned high-speed railway line number 170 Katowice – Ostrava. The decision was announced on Wednesday at the Silesian Voivodship Office in Katowice.

Katowice-Ostrava variantcpk.pl

The investment is controversial. About 200 protesters gathered in front of the office building, who said that the chosen variant would, among other things, lead to the demolition of multi-family buildings in Mikołów.

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Against investment many times residents of Palowice also protested in the commune of Czerwionka-Leszczyny. The TVN24 team met with them to talk about the new variant.

“In Silesia, two tracks are enough, or rather one”

Farmer Jarosław Biegański, leader of the social committee “Stop Budowie KDP”, talking about the selected variant, said that they still do not know whether the track will be on an embankment or on a flyover. – Saying that the residents will not even notice it is a lie. The assumptions on the CPK website stated that 120 pairs of trains were to run here, i.e. 240 trains every day. Just imagine what this means for this region.

Jarosław Biegański: Saying that the residents won’t even notice it is a lieTVN24

Like other our interlocutors, he claims that at the beginning no one wanted to talk to them and so far the residents learn about everything from the media. He emphasizes that they are not against the development of the railway. – The main question: is this railway to serve the inhabitants or not? People who know about design, also retirees from PKP PLK, because according to Polish law, PKP PLK is responsible for railway design and these people answered unequivocally: in Silesia two tracks are enough, or rather one on the Ostrawa-Katowice section. The second two tracks – what for? Bieganski asks.

“I’m almost 70 years old, I can’t think about building a new house”

Mr. Joachim, a resident of Palowice, is convinced that the investor wants to demolish their houses, although he could lead the route differently. – There were two possibilities – namely moving the route towards the green variant, into the forest, outside built-up areas. And the second – separating this route, for example, into two parts. Freight traffic into the forest, passenger traffic here. Then none of the houses would have to be demolished – thinks Mr. Joachim.

“I can only find out about the course of the route from the Internet,” he points out. And he adds: – There has never been any representative on the spot to come to the resident and say anything about it. I live with my wife, family – daughter, son-in-law and two grandchildren. Such a house has its genesis since the 1950s. In the 1990s there was a superstructure, modernization, and now it has to be demolished.

“They are trying to demolish our houses, although there were two other possibilities”

He checked house listings on the Internet. He calculated that he would have to get PLN 600,000 to build a similar one to his own. Not counting additional amenities: a hectare field, vegetable garden, outbuildings. . – For what the CPK will calculate, we do not know whether we will buy such a house, in such a location, by the church – says Mr. Joachim. And he adds: – Nobody is saying that the course of this route is inconsistent with the Constitution. The constitution clearly says that every Pole has the right to freedom of religion, and what freedom of religion is when railroad tracks are built under the church and half of the village is cut off from access to the church.

– I thought the war was in Ukraine, and here I see that it begins to be in Poland. Because how else to call the fact that someone says “I’m throwing you out of the house”, “I’m taking everything from you”? – compare. He regrets that no one offered them that he would find new plots of land for them, build houses, move them. Maybe then they would see it differently. – I’m almost 70 years old, I can’t think about building a new house or even moving. If it had been 30 years ago, maybe it would have washed over me somehow. I don’t know who will be sent to Palowice again, or a special unit? Well, because that’s what it’s about. After all, most residents do not want to move out, no matter what the compensation was. After all, people here want to live to old age in peace. Move to the cemetery, but alone. Not with state aid.

They thought that conversations would be enough, and “you need a team of lawyers here”

– This is a variant that goes through my house, neighbors, we are all expropriated. About 20 houses, with three generations living in these houses. That’s a lot of people. I live with my wife and two children – says Łukasz Blinda.

– We hear from the minister that it will be great and he would give his property himself. From people who know about it, we hear that it looks terrible. These valuations – there is no option to build for this. I was building now. We know how long it takes, this is self-deception. And in order to buy, all you have to do is go online, unfortunately I also had to look around there recently, the amounts are terrifying – he adds.

He claims that consultations on the construction did not give anything because no one listens to the residents. – There is one situation where this has changed. It’s not on our variant. This is the brown variant in Bełk. There, the owner of the land is a company, a large company. She threatened multimillion-dollar lawsuits, and suddenly the variant bypassed their territory. It only showed what people mean, what we mean, and what big money means, he believes.

Łukasz adds that the Bełk case was a blow to them, because they were convinced that conversations were enough, and “you need a team of lawyers here”

“Our plans, our future have been ruined”

Aleksandra Rotko and Grzegorz Trzepałka-Rotko: – We are standing on a plot where the HSR route in the W72 variant is planned, announced today by Minister Horała at the provincial office in Katowice. Four tracks will run through our building. They are to reach the neighbors who live next to us and end at the end of our plot – say Aleksandra Rotko and Grzegorz Trzepałka-Rotko. And they add: – Today, when we found out that this variant is the recommended variant and was announced as an investor variant, our lives have changed once again. All our plans, our future, have been ruined.

Rotko built the house for many years, with their parents, and their children always thought that their future would be here. – They know no other place on earth, only what we have here – our home. We live here for many generations, like many houses here that are to be expropriated – they emphasize. And they add: – There are 550 houses to be demolished on the Katowice-Ostrava route, as announced today. These are thousands of people and thousands of families who are suddenly about to go to the streets. No one guarantees us any replacement real estate. Nobody tells us where to go.

They emphasize that if the state wants something from them, it should sit down to talks with them, propose such conditions that will allow the restoration of what they are to lose. – We residents of Palowicza are not interested in this railway, because it will not stop here – say Rotko. “We also don’t understand why we have to be in worse conditions than we used to live in. We don’t want to move out of here. This is not why we have created our sanctuary of peace here, they emphasize.

Main photo source: TVN24

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