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Palowice, Szczejkowice, Czerwionka-Leszczyny. Protest against the construction of the CPK. Residents in defense of nature and their homes

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In Palowice (Silesian Voivodeship), residents are protesting against the construction of the Central Communication Port and the accompanying construction of the High Speed ​​Railway. – We already have railway lines, it is enough to modernize them – say those who oppose the investments. They emphasize that if they are implemented, they may lose their life’s achievements, for which entire generations have worked. Nature will also be degraded. – We say a loud “no” against the destruction of our nature – emphasized the village administrator of Palowice.

Another protest of the inhabitants of the Silesian Voivodeship, who oppose the construction of the Central Communication Port and the accompanying investments, took place on Sunday (March 19) in Palowice. Participants – not only residents of Palowice, but also Szczejkowice and other towns of the Czerwionka-Leszczyny commune – oppose the construction of line 170 of the High Speed ​​Railway and all investments of the Central Communication Port.

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Residents protested against the construction of the CPKTVN24

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– We are meeting here today because we want to loudly once again present our opposition to the investment of the Central Communication Port, including the High Speed ​​Railway, specifically line 170, which runs through the area of ​​Upper Silesia. We say a loud “no” to this investment, we say a loud “no” to bandit expropriation, the proposed changes to the Real Estate Management Act, we say a loud “no” against the destruction of our nature – said Dominika Baranowicz, the mayor of Palowice. She added: – We are inhabitants of Upper Silesia, there are very few places like this. This is a luxurious place.

Protest against the construction of the CPKTVN24

They call for the modernization of railway lines instead of building a new one

– The protest concerns the construction of line No. 170 from Ostrawa to Katowice, because we do not need this line in Silesia. We have two excellent railway connections from Katowice to the border with Czechs and both are operational. It is known that these are railway lines that have been neglected for years, but they can be modernized and after that it will be possible to travel on them at a speed of at least 160 kilometers per hour. We do not need high speed, because the high speed of the High Speed ​​Railway gives us only 10 minutes of profit on this section – said TVN24 Piotr Flajszok, a local social activist from Szczejkowice.

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Participant of the protest against the construction of the High Speed ​​Railway in Silesia TVN24

Bernadette’s family has lived in the area for generations. She also opposes the construction of the CPK. – You have to react somehow when someone wants to destroy our environment. We have beautiful forests here, bicycle paths, and someone wants to destroy it. It is probably unnecessary, so you have to react somehow and oppose it – she said in front of the TVN24 camera.

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The planned railway route is to be built in the vicinity of her house. – This is a certain threat. You’ve lived here all your life, and now something should be destroyed, it’s a pity, isn’t it? All the possessions, for generations, because it was the parents who built it – she added.

Residents protested against the construction of the CPKTVN24

Central Communication Port

Central Communication Port it is to be built by 2027, together with the implementation of the necessary connections to the components of the railway and road network. It is to be a transfer hub between Warsaw and Łódź, which will integrate air, rail and road transport. As part of the project, 37 km west of Warsaw, in the area of ​​approx. ha, it is planned to build the Solidarity Airport, which in the first stage is to be able to handle 40 million passengers a year.

The STH will also include railway investments: a junction in the immediate vicinity of the airport and connections throughout the country, which are to enable travel between Warsaw and the largest Polish cities in no more than 2.5 hours.

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Do we need CPK?  Piotr Malepszak explains

Do we need CPK? Piotr Malepszak explainstvn24

Main photo source: TVN24

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