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Pandemic in Latin America. Call for Coronavirus Vaccines

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Latin American countries, where the pandemic situation is very difficult, need vaccines against the coronavirus. The proportion of people vaccinated with two doses in this part of the world is only about 35 percent. The data was announced by Carrissa Etienne, head of the Pan American Health Organization.

Latin America and the Caribbean are home to just 8 percent of the world’s population, but 35 percent of all coronavirus deaths are recorded there. The percentage of double vaccinated people is around 35%. There are dramatically few vaccines in the countries of the region. Releasing the figures on Wednesday, Carrissa Etienne, who heads the Pan-American Health Organization, reiterated its call for countries with surplus vaccines to share them with countries in this part of the world in order to save the lives of its inhabitants.


In the poorest countries of the region, such as Jamaica, Nicaragua and Haiti, up to ten percent of the population has not yet been vaccinated against the coronavirus, said Etienne.

El Salvador is fighting the coronavirus RODRIGO SURA / PAP / EPA

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Speaking last week at a virtual session of the Organization of American States, Etienne outlined the devastating economic and social effects of the pandemic in Latin America and described it as “twice as dramatic” as in other parts of the world. – In our region, marked by deep inequalities, the number of people who have fallen into extreme poverty today amounts to 22 million – she emphasized.

The minister of health in the left-wing government of Peru, Hernandos Cavallos, described the life of the average person in the country during a pandemic: – It is a daily struggle to get an anti-covid vaccine or an oxygen bottle for a sick family member.

Mia Mottley, who heads the Barbados government, analyzing at the conference the economic and social situation of the poorest countries in the region after 19 months of the pandemic, said that “today it is a real landscape after the battle.”

Meanwhile, the third dose of the Covid-19 vaccine is administered in many countries around the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) appealed for suspending its administration for fear of the depletion of the preparation in a situation where many people in poorer countries still did not have the opportunity to get the first dose.

Main photo source: RODRIGO SURA / PAP / EPA

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