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Pans. The thief demolished the square and the road in front of the station, the PKP will dismantle the station

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A 65-year-old took one cube every day from the station in Miedary, which had been closed for 22 years, and took it home by bike. The railway noticed the theft only after several months. The suspect of theft has been arrested, but the cube will not return to its original place. The fate of the former railway station is practically a doomed, it will be dismantled.

The last train from the station in Miedary in the commune of Zbrosławice in the district of Tarnowskie Góry left in 1999. The railway line No. 178 Zabrze Mikulczyce – Tworóg Brynek through Miedary was liquidated, five years later there were no traces of the tracks. The Miedarski station ceased to fulfill its function, part of the building was converted into apartments. But in 2012, the last tenant moved out of the former railway station.

– Shortly thereafter, the building was set on fire by unknown perpetrators, which caused its considerable destruction and made further exploitation impossible. After the fire, the building was protected against unauthorized access: the roof was covered with foil, and information boards about the prohibition of access to the facility were also installed – says Michał Stilger, spokesman for the Polish State Railways.

Fire of the train station in Miedary in 2015facebook

They wanted to sell a station with a huge plot of land

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The building, erected in 1928, turned into ruin. The railway intended to dismantle it, but – as Stilger says – the decision was put on hold “due to the interest in taking over the facility by the commune.” Ultimately, the takeover did not take place.

– The station was put up for sale with a huge plot of land, so nobody bought it. The more so that a lot of money would have to be pumped into the building – says the mayor Miedar Wojciech Nawrocki. You can still find an old sale ad on the internet. It shows that the trapezoidal plot, covered with trees and shrubs, partially lined with old concrete slabs, is almost six thousand square meters. The building itself, without utilities and installations – 261 sq m.

The train station in Miedary from 2013, when it was still inhabitedAlTaGo Almanach of the tower and Tarnowskie Góry

– This is an important piece of history for the city, people commuted to work by train, and the basement of the building was strategic for the military. It is a pity that the plot has not been divided into smaller ones, there would certainly be someone willing to buy it. The buildings of the stations in the neighboring Zbrosławice and Wieszów were sold with small plots of land and the commune took them over, today there are apartments there – adds the mayor. These are former stations on the same railway route as Miedary.

The fate of the Medark train station has been sealed. – Today the building is in a technical condition that makes it impossible to use, and therefore the Polish State Railways included it again in the demolition plan – says Stilger.

The building of the train station in MiedaryGwarek


He transported one ankle by bicycle every day for 16 months

In January 2020, a 65-year-old resident of the Tarnowskie Góry district began the arbitrary demolition of granite cubes from the square and the internal road in front of the station building in Miedary – this is the result of information from the Polish State Railways and police findings. According to the 65-year-old, he took out one ankle every day and took it by bicycle to his property.

In this way he collected the entire pile. According to the estimates of the Polish State Railways – over 166 square meters. The property owner realized this only in April 2021, i.e. after 16 months.

– Deficiencies in the granite cube at the station were noticed during the property inspection by the administrator. It was immediately reported to the police, and the estimated cost of restoring the damaged property is over PLN 50,000. The recovered cube will be deposited and will not be re-arranged due to the high cost and no need to rebuild this road – Michał Stilger informed us.

The 65-year-old was charged with theft.

The railway station in Goczałkowice was reborn from its ashes in three years

Every year, the PKP group foundation organizes the “Railway Station of the Year” competition. In last year’s edition, the building in Goczałkowice-Zdrój won. The commune took it over from PKP in 2013 and revived it from its ashes.

The old train station in Goczałkowice-ZdrójUG in Goczalkowice-Zdrój

The jury appreciated the “exemplary revitalization of the heritage of railway architecture, skilful adaptation to changing needs in the field of passenger service, creative and socially beneficial adaptation to public functions that integrate the station with the city life in a new dimension, the courage of local authorities to implement unconventional ideas for shaping the station space. As with many municipal facilities, the comfortable service of travelers is one of the building’s many existing functions, including a lounge for travelers, a Tourist Information Desk, luggage storage, leisure equipment rental, a mini library, a toddler corner and toilets. for fans of flora and fauna, observation scopes have been installed on the platforms from the side of the lagoon “(justification of the verdict for Rynekkolejowy.pl).

The Goczałkowice railway station had been closed for many years before and, like the building in Medias, it was consumed by a fire. However, it has a better location – next to the tracks on which trains still run, in the vicinity of the health resort, near the Goczałkowickie lake and the Vistula river basin, bird sanctuary. It is surrounded by a park and a large pond

Main photo source: AlTaGo Almanach of the tower and Tarnowskie Góry

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