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“Papal cream cakes”, a special message and animation on trains. PKP mentions John Paul II

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On the 18th anniversary of the death of Pope John Paul II, passengers of some PKP Intercity trains are treated to cream cakes. Travelers can also hear a special announcement and watch an animation with the words of the late pope. According to PKP, this is to “encourage the memory of the great Pole” and “emphasize the unique dimension of this day”.

Information about cream cakes distributed to travelers on Pendolino trains was provided by the Rynek Kolejowy portal on Saturday, with the reservation that, contrary to appearances, this is not an April Fool’s joke. The project is implemented by the PKP Group Foundation together with PKP SA and the Wars catering company.

It was confirmed in social media by the PKP Group Foundation. “On April 2, we remember St. John Paul II. On this occasion, an animation dedicated to the Holy Father is broadcast on PKP Inter City trains, and the Wars service gives passengers papal cream cakes,” the foundation announced on Twitter.

TVN24’s question on this matter was answered by Cezary Nowak, spokesman for PKP Intercity. “The PKP Group Foundation, together with the railway companies Polskie Koleje Państwowe SA, PKP Intercity SA and WARS SA, is implementing a project whose idea is to commemorate John Paul II. April 2 is a special date. To emphasize the unique dimension of this day, we would like to The Pope in his homeland and his meetings with his compatriots, encourage people to remember about the great Pole. WARS SA staff will treat passengers with papal cream cakes, and a special animation will be presented on our displays, reminiscent of the words of the Polish Pope” – Nowak told us in writing.

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Cream rolls are issued only on selected sections.

On Sunday, on selected trains, passengers – at some stations – can also hear a message, which in part sounds like information provided to us by the PKP Intercity spokesperson. “The PKP Group Foundation together with PKP Group companies is implementing a project whose idea is to commemorate John Paul II. April 2 is a special date. We want to encourage you to remember about the great Pole through one of the memorable motives of the Pope’s visits to his homeland. cream cakes” – such words resound in some warehouses.

“On April 2, conductors and managers of EIP trains will be required to pin a yellow and white pin to the lapels of their jackets (these are the colors of the Vatican flag). Employees who wear the PKP Intercity badge in their lapels are also to replace it with the papal flag. This is to happen in derogation from the standards of customer service provided for employees of conductor teams” – reports Rynek Kolejowy in its article.

Emotions around cream cakes on trains

“The action of the PKP Foundation caused many comments. There was no information on the cream boxes, who is their producer, and their composition was not given, which is the basis for information about allergens” – notes Rynek Kolejowy. On the other hand, Internet users have been publishing photos of trays with fondant cream in the wagons since Sunday morning.

The case was commented on, among others, by the MP of the Left, Paulina Matysiak. As she pointed out, the mere fact of distributing cookies in public transport is not a problem. “The problem, however, is making trains a place of religious agitation and requiring employees to wear a yellow and white badge today (the colors of the Vatican). (…) It is quite sad that the right wing tries to save the good name and legacy of John Paul II with cream cakes” – the MP points out.

Jakub Karnowski, an economist and former president of PKP, also expressed reservations about the action. He reminded that the PKP Group foundation was established to support the families of railway employees. “It never occurred to me that it would be used to ridicule John Paul II in order to suck up to PiS politicians,” Karnowski said.

On the other hand, Bogdan Rzońca from PiS was happy with the refreshment, who on Twitter “greeted the employees of PKP and the manufacturers of cream cakes”.

A photo with a fondant from PKP was also posted on social media by, among others Adrian Zandberg.

Main photo source: Tomasz Warszewski – stock.adobe.com, Twitter

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