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Paradise Hotel. When is the new season? What about the special episode of “Hotel Paradise All Stars”?

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Although the adventure in paradise ended on August 11, fans of the “Hotel Paradise All Stars” program can watch the special episode “Stories from the backstage” on the Player. Participants of the reality show recall the most interesting moments they spent in the hotel, reveal the secrets of the production and curiosities from the set. The episode also features Bartosz Łabęcki, i.e. Mr. Lector, who is liked by viewers.

“Hotel Paradise All Stars” could be watched on TVN7 and Player from May. It featured viewers’ favorites from the six editions of the reality show so far. The program, led by Klaudia El Dursi, was won by Julia Skrodzka. WITH Colombia came back 100,000 richer. zloty. When choosing money, she gave up her relationship with Grzegorz Głuszcz, with whom she reached the final. – I had reasons not to get out of the program. Because things happened that I didn’t like at all. And if I don’t want to leave [z Grzegorzem] hand in hand with the program, then why should I share the money with it? – explained Skrodzka in “Dzień Dobry Wakacje”.

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What is “Hotel Paradise” about?

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“Paradise Hotel” is a reality show based on the American format that was created for FOX television. Nine singles (ages 18-30) move into a luxury resort. They pair up, and when new participants arrive at the hotel, the fun starts all over again. Program members are not allowed to use mobile phones or contact anyone outside the resort. The couple with the most likes wins. The winners get a golden ball each. They face each other on the the path of loyalty and increase the winnings with each step. They can smash the ball, taking the whole amount for themselves, or survive until the end – then they divide the winnings in half.

Two couples met in the “Hotel Paradise All Stars” finale: Natalia Majos and Łukasz Książkiewicz and Julia Skrodzka and Grzegorz Głuszcz. The latter were chosen as winners by the other participants. When they reached 100,000 on the loyalty path. zlotys, Skrodzka broke her sphere. Thus, she resigned from Głuszcz’s feelings. – I was very surprised and surprised. Well, how can you feel when someone openly deceives you – said Głuszcz after the final in the special episode “Hotel Paradise All Stars. After”. In “Dzień Dobry Wakacje” he said that his partner from the program behaved unfairly. – First of all, I would like to congratulate Julia, because she played the role of a lifetime. She was a couple from start to finish. There were feelings between us, there was a closeness between us. (…) She played it brilliantly – he said.

When the new edition of “Hotel Paradise”

– It was a rollercoaster of emotions from which the participants did not have time to get down – says tvn24.pl Klaudia El Dursi. The realization of “Hotel Paradise All Stars” was a challenge. We had less time than usual. We shot 24 episodes in just two weeks,” he adds. El Dursi also runs the new, seventh edition of “Hotel Paradise”. The program will debut on TVN7 and Player on August 28.

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