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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Paramedics protest. Deputy health minister Waldemar Kraska comments

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Paramedics protest against underpaid wages. At the conference, Deputy Minister of Health Waldemar Kraska spoke about the ministry’s talks with rescuers, employers and unions. He admitted that the rescuer-employer dialogue does not exist. – Let’s talk, let’s meet, as a government plenipotentiary, I will do everything to bring the situation under control – he said.

On Wednesday, some paramedics in Warsaw did not report to work, some took time off, others went on sick leave. As a result, 31 did not leave 80 teams.


Talks of the health ministry with employers and paramedics

Deputy Minister of Health Waldemar Kraska informed that a meeting at the Ministry of Health began on Thursday with representatives of the paramedics community, employers and trade unions. – These meetings are cyclical, they take place every two weeks – he said, informing that the next meeting will be held on September 14.

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– At this meeting, we are discussing the proposals and possible changes to the amendment to the Act on the State Medical Rescue – he described. – Today, at the beginning, we also talked about the current situation in Polish emergency medical services. It is good that at this meeting there are all parties who are currently participating in a possible dispute between rescuers and employers – said Kraska.

He reported that at the meeting he “reminded employers” that since 2015 the budget of the State Medical Rescue has been increased “by almost 30 percent”. – This is almost 600 million additional funds for the operation – he said.

Kraska added that since 2019, i.e. the year when he started working at the Ministry of Health, the ministry has transferred “funds for the purchase of 421 ambulances for employers”. He indicated that these were measures that relieved the burden of new purchases and investments.

– I emphasized, and the paramedics community agreed that, unfortunately, there is no dialogue between employers and paramedics, therefore I appealed to the employers’ community to establish this dialogue. I got such a promise from the president (Małgorzata – ed.) Popławska (president of the Association of Medical Rescue Employers SP ZOZ – ed.), Who is at this meeting that she will appeal to employers to start talks that should take place at emergency stations – he described .

Waldemar KraskaTVN24

Deputy Minister of Health about the rescuers’ protest: let’s talk, let’s meet

The deputy minister concluded that conversation and dialogue are the key to working out a compromise. He assured that the Ministry of Health was working on “increasing funding for the State Medical Rescue”. “Actually, the valuation of the so-called carriage is about to be completed,” he said.

– I am always open to such meetings, I spent 30 years in an ambulance, so I know this job (I know – ed.) How important and necessary it is. My appeal to the paramedics community: to withdraw from this form (protest – ed.) That is being carried out now, because here, unfortunately, we risk the loss of health or life of Polish citizens – he said. – Let’s talk, let’s meet, as a government plenipotentiary I will do everything to bring the situation under control – he assured.

Main photo source: TVN24

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