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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Paramedics protest. Minister Bogna Janke invites you to the President’s Chancellery for talks. The Residents Agreement responds to the words of Minister Adam Niedzielski

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Bogna Janke, minister in the President’s Chancellery, invited health care workers to a meeting at the Presidential Palace. “I appeal to health professionals not to leave the patients and that we should sit down at the table and talk,” she said. Earlier, the Minister of Health, Adam Niedzielski, invited Wojciech Szarańc, the chairman of the Alliance of Residents, for an interview. The latter, however, said that he would propose an interview on Wednesday and in a wider group. “Minister, you can talk to anyone or anyone” – it was written on the Twitter profile of the Alliance of Residents.


On Sunday, on Radio ZET, politicians were asked about the nationwide protest of paramedics who are fighting for higher salaries, as well as about the large demonstration of health care workers scheduled for September 11, which is to be held in Warsaw.

– I would very much like to appeal to health professionals not to walk away from patients. There cannot be such situations, that there is no ambulance, that it is impossible to reach the patient or the person in need. I am appealing for us to sit down at the table and talk – said the presidential minister, Bogna Janke.

The minister in the Chancellery of the President invited health care workers

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When asked if President Andrzej Duda was ready to organize such a meeting, she replied that, as the minister responsible for social dialogue, she was inviting to the Presidential Palace for an interview on this matter. – Let’s sit at one table and talk about it. Please sit down and talk, but bear in mind that the government does not have a money factory from which it sprinkles anyone who only makes demands. We have to meet somewhere along the way – she said.

– And I ask you to take into account that there are certain possibilities. The government has announced the increases and the way to improve this situation in the health care system is presented. I think it is worth sitting down and talking, but please do not leave the patients, because it does not lead to anything good – she added.

Wojciech Szaraniec, chairman of the Alliance of Residents: there is an impending disaster in public healthTVN24

Morawiecki on the rescuers’ strike: I am very concerned about it

On Saturday, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki expressed his hope that in the next few weeks there would be an agreement with paramedics, he declared that the paramedics would get a raise.

Morawiecki was a guest of RMF FM on Saturday, he was asked about the strike of paramedics. – I am very concerned about this and that is why I obliged the Minister of Health to talks, negotiations and dialogue. These conversations are going on. I participated in one round of these interviews a few months ago and I am a moderate optimist that by raising salaries in the health service, not only paramedics, but also nurses, doctors and orderlies, we want significant increases everywhere – he said.

Mateusz Morawiecki on the salaries of paramedicsRmf fm

When asked what to do to get the striking rescuers back to work, the head of government replied that talks and dialogue must take place with mutual understanding.

Niedzielski invited the chairman of the Residents Alliance

The head of the Ministry of Health, Adam Niedzielski, announced on Friday in the TVN24 program “Check” that he had invited Wojciech Szarańc, the chairman of the Alliance of Residents, for an interview.

Szaraniec referred to the minister’s words on Friday evening. “Unfortunately I didn’t get any invitations,” he wrote on Twitter.

Minister of Health Adam NiedzielskiTVN24

On Saturday morning, the health minister responded to the Locust alert. “The director of the Department of Treatment spoke to you and invited you to a meeting on my behalf. I do not understand this reaction. I invite you to the Ministry of Health on Monday at 9:00 am,” wrote Niedzielski.

Szaraniec proposes an interview on Wednesday

In turn, over the weekend, in several entries on Twitter, Szaraniec said that he would propose an interview on Wednesday, September 8.

“Dear Minister Niedzielski. Despite my sincere desire to meet as soon as possible, I propose a conversation on Wednesday, September 8, 2021 in Karpacz. I do not agree to enter into dialogue without the participation of all representatives of the protest and strike committee. Regards” – he wrote.

Niedzielski, responding to the Locusts’ entries, wrote that regardless of the possibility of talking in a wider group on Wednesday, he would also be waiting for him on Monday at 9 am.

Agreement of Residents to Niedzielski: you can talk to everyone or to no one

Late Sunday afternoon an entry in this matter appeared on the Twitter account of the Residents Agreement.

“Minister, you are dealing with a strike of all medical professions and support staff. We speak with one voice as a protest and strike committee and we call for the repair of Healthcare in solidarity. You can talk to everyone or no one” – it was written.

On Friday, 43 out of 202 contracted teams did not go to the patients in Mazovia, of which 38 out of 80 in Warsaw itself. obliged to provide services in accordance with the contract

Main photo source: PAP / Tytus Żmijewski

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