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Paramedics protest. Piotr Dymon, chairman of the National Union of Medical Rescuers about the strike

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As part of the protest, paramedics go on sick leave or leave their jobs. They warn that paralysis may occur in September. – Despite the assurances of the Ministry of Health, the salaries are not as expected – said Piotr Dymon, chairman of the National Trade Union of Medical Rescuers, on TVN24.

Paramedics protest against low wages and poor working conditions. Some people leave their jobs, others go on sick leave. They warn that in September there may be a situation where ambulances will not go to patients because there will be no one to be on duty there.

Head of the National Trade Union of Medical Rescuers: none of the postulates has been implemented

Piotr Dymon, chairman of the Polish National Association of Medical Rescuers, said on Friday on TVN24 that “it is not pink, even though the amended law on establishing the minimum wage in health care has been in place since July 1”. – Despite assurances from the Ministry of Health, salaries are not what we expected – he added. As he said, virtually none of the rescuers’ postulates was implemented. – We are waiting for the ministry’s move to see how they intend to solve this problem – he added.

He said that despite the fact that the law provides for a minimum base salary, “the rates are different because each employer has its own salary supplements for a paramedic”.

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– At the moment we do not have a uniform remuneration system – he added. He noted that bonuses and functional allowances are individual issues in each workplace.

Dymon: we have a shortage of paramedics

Dymon said that if we assumed everyone had only one job, about 20 percent of the ambulances would not be staffed.

– We have a shortage of paramedics. If we only wanted to introduce full employment in emergency medical services teams, without employment under civil law contracts, I think that at the moment we need about 5-8 thousand people to cover these deficiencies overnight – he explained.

The TVN24 guest said that the trade union, one of the organizations forming part of the Protest Committee of Medical Rescuers, after arrangements with the Minister of Health, thought that there would be “a legal act that would cause the ministerial allowance that the rescuers received to be permanently added to their salary, apart from the operation of the Act on the minimum wage “.

– Something interesting happened, because on July 1, the Act on the minimum wage came into force, and at the same time, the supplement in the form in which it was no longer functioning. It was made available to employers – he added.

– The ministry gives money and says that employers are to increase our salaries, and employers say that they did not receive such high funds that they could be increased. In the middle are paramedics who at this point in many cities simply decided to take care of their health – he said.

Paramedics leave workTVN24

Dymon on the shortcomings in emergency medical teams

Dymon said he hadn’t taken extra shifts himself in a week. – I suspect that I will not work extra until Monday, apart from my regular duty – he added.

– Imagine that 25,000 people in the country will do so and there will be shortages in emergency medical teams. There are already (shortcomings) in emergency medical teams, permanent shortages in dispatch rooms, where there has not been a full staff for almost a year, in hospital emergency departments, in medical and sanitary transports – he listed.

Dymon on the shortcomings in emergency medical teamsTVN24

He stressed that if the rulers together with employers did not find a way to solve this problem, it would intensify.

He reported that “it can be safely said that about 8-10 percent of rescuers throughout the country limited their professional activity to the necessary minimum and some threw their papers and did not work at all”.

Main photo source: Darek Delmanowicz / PAP

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