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Paramedics protest. Wojciech Szaraniec and Piotr Dymon comment

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The doctor, chairman of the Alliance of Residents Wojciech Szaraniec and the head of the Polish National Association of Medical Rescuers, Piotr Dymon, told in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24 about the protest of paramedics. – Any system support in emergency medical services does not exist at the moment – pointed out Dymon. – This is an impending disaster in public health. We are not going to brand it with our name – said Szaraniec.

A nationwide protest of paramedics has been taking place since September 1, during which some of them did not come to work or took the minimum number of hours during their on-call duty. The rescuers announce that on September 11 they will organize a large manifestation of health care workers, which is to take place in the capital.

The guests of “Fakty po Faktach” were asked about the protest – doctor, chairman of the Residents Alliance Wojciech Szaraniec and head of the National Trade Union of Medical Rescuers, Piotr Dymon.


System support for rescuers “does not exist”

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Piotr Dymon, who was connected to the program during his on-call duty, insisted that “each rescuer is a separate story” and “each rescuer will sooner or later face the human drama”. – I think that not only after a day of work, but also after leaving, you should get out of duty and go home, recover, go to a psychologist. At the moment, medical rescue services do not have psychologists – he said.

– Psychology, psychological support or any systemic support in emergency medical services does not exist at the moment. Only friendly, interpersonal, home or individual support – he added. He pointed out that rescuers who work on one-man activities, i.e. contracts, are deprived of such support.

Conversation with a paramedic: “You said: don’t work. Try to imagine reality when we listened to you” >>>

“We are deceived, patients are deceived”

Wojciech Szaraniec referred to the situation from Friday, when – due to the lack of an ambulance – a helicopter from the Polish Medical Air Rescue had to land on Plac Konstytucji in the center of Warsaw to help the patient. He was asked how much he thought such a situation could be dangerous to health protection.

– This is an impending disaster in public health. We, as the protest and strike committee, say: enough. All medical and non-medical professions speak with one voice: the end of mediocrity in public health care – he replied. “We are not going to brand this catastrophe with our name,” he added.

The doctor noted that “for many, many years” rescuers “tried to talk to the government about introducing reforms.” – None of these conversations came out. We are deceived, patients are deceived, he said. Returning to the situation in Warsaw, Szaraniec admitted that it looked “dramatic”.

>> The LPR helicopter landed on Konstytucji Square

The LPR helicopter landed in the very center of WarsawMateusz Szmelter / tvnwarszawa.pl

More of the conversation soon.

Main photo source: TVN24

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